Abu Marzouq to Al Jazeera Net: Israel's allegations against Egypt and UNRWA are false and have no evidence

Moussa Abu Marzouq, a member of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said that Israel's claims that Egypt is responsible for preventing the entry of humanitarian and relief aid into the Gaza Strip are “false and frivolous allegations” and fall into . Reference to the occupation state's campaign against the case filed by South Africa before the International Court of Justice.

Abu Marzouq – in exclusive statements to Al Jazeera Net – said that the campaign also claimed that workers of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) last October 7 (Operation Al-Aqsa Flood) Were involved in the attacks. But these are all false accusations spread by the Israeli occupation from the beginning. Aggression against Gaza without any verification or investigation.

Donor countries suspended their funding to UNRWA after Israel accused UN agency staff of involvement in the Hamas-initiated Al-Aqsa flooding operation against Israel, but the UN later announced that the oil Aviv did not submit any written file to him regarding these allegations.

UNRWA was established in 1949 and continues to face harassment due to the intensification of the siege of Gaza and Israeli aggression (Reuters)

allegations only allegations

The member of Hamas's political bureau also referred to the accusations with which Israel justified the aggression against Gaza by saying that the occupation had said in its defense before the Court that it had only warned Palestinians through leaflets. It fired on “terrorists”, and it specified to residents the locations where they were located.

But Abu Marzouq refuted these allegations, saying that the clear truth is that the occupation forces killed thousands of civilians, a third of whom were women and children, and destroyed entire neighborhoods without warning, while thousands Civilians are still buried under the debris.

He stressed that this represented the basis on which the complaint presented by South Africa before the International Justice was based, and that these facts represented the legal basis on which the Court relied in first accepting the case, and then In its decision Israel was forced to stop the genocide. Practices against civilians in Gaza.

On the 11th and 12th of last January, the Court of Justice considered the case filed by South Africa, accusing it of committing the crime of genocide in the ongoing aggression against the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip. On the 26th of the same month, the Court issued a decision imposing temporary measures on Israel to stop the massacre in Gaza.

release of prisoners

The Hamas political bureau member said Israel cannot release prisoners held because of war or resistance by force, but this would only be done through negotiations and a comprehensive exchange of prisoners, not as Tel Aviv claims. He has a legitimate right to protect himself. And its citizens.

Abu Marzouq says Israel's argument makes it criminal because it is an occupying state, and the occupied people have a right to defend themselves and resist that occupation, not as Israel claims and promotes. That he is facing “terrorists”.

The South African website “Media Review” a few days ago published an article by Abu Marzouq titled “Hamas Challenges” in which he stressed that it is a national liberation movement and not a “terrorist” group. He also criticizes Israel's defense of genocide charges against it before international justice, and affirms Hamas's readiness to appear before any international court to defend its case.

He emphasized in the article that “For decades, Hamas has been the victim of distortion and criminalization by various Western governments, political leaders, movements, and their hired agents, with the aim of portraying it as a terrorist movement that Does not care about Palestine. Instead of being the elected representative of the national liberation movement and the people of Gaza, he pursues personal fame and self-interest rather than needs and freedom.

Abu Marzouq criticized Israel's defense against the suit filed by South Africa before the Court of Justice, describing it as “full of distortion, distortion and sometimes outright lies”.

He reported that Hamas lawyers pointed out that Israel's various defenses are not valid according to the Genocide Convention, but are “just another Israeli cry that he is the eternal victim.”

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