Ukraine has announced the dismantling of a Russian spy network within its intelligence agency

On Tuesday, Ukrainian authorities announced they had arrested 5 former and current intelligence employees who they say were secretly working in a spy network for Russia.

Kiev said the suspects were caught passing information to Russia's Federal Security Service about Ukrainian military sites, their defensive fortifications, personal data and strategic energy installations.

Ukrainian intelligence said in a statement released on Tuesday that “the Ukrainian Security Service neutralized a strong network of agents run by the military counter-intelligence service of the Russian Federal Security Service, which was operating in Ukraine.”

The Public Prosecutor reported that in addition to one current employee of the agency, five employees are former employees of Ukrainian defense intelligence and its foreign intelligence units, and were arrested on suspicion of involvement in treason.

intelligence information

“The suspects transferred intelligence information about defense forces and energy facilities of strategic importance to representatives of the intelligence services of the aggressor state,” the public prosecutor said.

The Kyiv Public Prosecutor indicated that the network also broadcast information about defensive barriers and the movements of Ukrainian forces and their vehicles near the city of Odessa overlooking the Black Sea.

Ukraine has previously arrested several people it said were covert Russian spies or had passed strategic information to Russian agents since the war began in February 2022.

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