“Shin Bet” and the sequel to the series “Fauda” in Jenin… The reality studio is expanded

Did Israeli reserve officer Matan Meir imagine himself entering Gaza in a scene that resembled scenes from the series “Fauda,” which he helped produce?

Matan is finally executed in Gaza, this time in a surreal scene that is the result of the massive chaos that has taken place in Israel, not at all like the chaos he chose to portray for himself in the famous “Netflix” series. same name.

This series, which depicts the daily life of the Mustarab unit, can be said to have done a little justice to those called “Palestinian terrorists”, and has shown them as human beings (just like them!) , although Doron, the superhero in the unit, was always given the edge.

Doron always triumphs in the end over the “terrorist” Ibrahim Hamed, who ends up dead, his “efforts having failed.”

Then came the “Al-Aqsa flood” and it became clear that Doron had not come to save the cities around Gaza, as Israeli journalist Shani Littman wrote 5 days after the attack.

The shock of October 7 may have removed some of the blindness that chose Israel.Almost willingly – to seal it on her vision, until she was blinded by watching fighters of the Islamic resistance movement “Hamas” train for months in full view of the Watchtower to penetrate the separation wall.

“Anarchy” in Jenin.

The Israeli press is full of articles about the depths of self-hypnosis into which Israel has chosen to enter for decades.

But last week's killing of 3 Palestinian resistance members inside Jenin hospital in the occupied West Bank showed that the famous chain mentality still controls an influential part of the Israeli security services, even if it is responsible for its October 7 defeat. Accepts responsibility. ,

Sensitive material.  This image may offend or disturb, A blood-stained pillow lies on a bed at the site where three Palestinians were killed during an Israeli attack on a hospital in Jenin, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, January 30, 2024 .  Reuters/Ranine Softa
A bed on which lay one of three Palestinian resistance fighters who were murdered by members of the Israeli Shin Bet (Reuters)

Even by the standards of the inflated Israeli arrogance of the period before October 7, it seemed astonishing in the arrogance that followed, when the Shin Bet General Security Service posted a photo on its official page on Instagram as a means of propaganda. Published in and to encourage people to join in – photographs of Arabists disguised as Palestinians before the operation.

The post was accompanied by a comment, saying: “You saw the end of the film… (but) this is what the scene looked like before we set out to foil terrorists' plans in an operation in the center of Jenin this week ” Carry out attacks against Israel.” The comment ended with an invitation to join them: “Do you want to participate in the next operation? To send your CV, click on the link.

The photos looked like a scene from “Chaos”, which would have been complete if it had been added shots showing the sense of humor between the series' heroes as they disguised themselves in preparation for the operation, as if they were Coming on stage. Scene (within the staged scene).

“Didn't you learn?”

Many comments from Israelis upon the publication of the photos reflected a superhero's longing to avenge the arrogant alter ego who was fatally injured on October 7.

There was a lot of “You are the best,” “There are people we can trust,” and “You are the most professional in the world,” and there were also sharp criticisms that were combined with a question: “Why Are you publishing it?”

two photographs published by one device
An Israeli Shin Bet member disguises himself before carrying out an assassination attempt at Jenin Hospital in the West Bank (Social Media Sites)

A commentator named Liraz Walsh mocked Shin Bet, saying: “Where were you when they took Gaza Strip residents hostage and crossed the border without stopping anyone?! You humiliated us?” One commenter named Oshri said: “Haven't you learned? The people sitting in the hotel (at the Eliot) are watching everything.” “They're making fun of us.” To Lior, he wrote: “We want you to inform us about the next step and nothing else. What stupidity!”

Was this an attempt to tarnish the reputation of an apparatus that had been tainted by a miserable failure, and whose commander would resign at the end of the war in preparation for lengthy investigative sessions?

“I couldn't imagine a scenario like October 7,” wrote Avi Issacharoff, one of the authors of the “Fauda” series, about a month after the attack. But within the Shin Bet, some are determined to see it in reality just an extension of the photo studio.

They tried to take inspiration from the series in the Jenin operation, but they failed to be true to its spirit when they tried to give justice to the Palestinians (only a little, and mostly for dramatic purposes, so what's the excitement for the hero. Is there anyone who is easy to defeat?

In “Anarchy” the Palestinian “terrorist” fights bravely, even if Doron kills him in the end.

In the sequel that the Shin Bet chose for him in Jenin, Doron, as usual, triumphed over his archenemy Ibrahim Hamed, but his opponent this time is defenseless and, even on his sick bed, preparing He is unable to even stand on his feet. fight.

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