Russia has stepped up its attacks on Avdiivka and Ukraine has targeted a drilling rig in the Black Sea

The mayor of Avdiivka, near the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, which Russia has been trying to control for several months, confirmed on Tuesday that the “situation is serious in some areas” of the city, with “street fighting” taking place . Group of Russian soldiers.

“The situation in the city is very complex and very tense,” Vitaly Barabakh told Ukrainian television. “We have been saying for several weeks that the situation is very difficult, but it is under control, but today the situation is very difficult, and in some areas critical. “

Barabakh said that groups of Russian scouts “entered the city”, leading to separate street clashes with Ukrainian forces.

The mayor pointed out that “this does not mean that things are out of control,” stressing that the Russian military is “sending heavy troops toward our city,” noting that Avdeevka was “heavily bombed” on Tuesday. 50 waves” were recorded.

Despite the fighting and destruction, 945 civilians still live in the industrial city, he said.


Russian forces have been trying for months to surround Avdiivka, where Ukrainian troops are stationed in strong positions.

The city represents one of the hotspots on the front since the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

In a parallel context, Ukraine said on Tuesday that a group of its special forces blew up a drilling rig in the Black Sea that Russia was using to extend the range of its drones.

The equipment on the platform was used to control drones participating in attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine and the northwestern part of the sea, the special forces said in a statement on Telegram.

The statement said the operation, codenamed “Citadel”, took place at night and resulted in “significant enemy equipment” being seized and the platform being bombed.

He further said, “A successful special operation provided safe movement for ships and reduced enemy capabilities in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.”

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