New York Times: Video of Israeli soldiers celebrating the destruction of schools and homes in Gaza

Several videos published by Israeli occupation soldiers on their social media accounts reveal their pride in destroying Palestinian property and mocking them in the Gaza Strip.

The American New York Times newspaper says it reviewed hundreds of video clips showing the diaries of soldiers fighting in the Gaza Strip and what they do with Palestinian property, without any concealment or concealment.

According to the newspaper, analysis of videos posted on social media showed that Israeli soldiers were seen destroying “what appears to be civilian property” in Gaza itself.

A video shows an Israeli soldier raising his thumb towards the camera as he drives a bulldozer through a road in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza, and pushes a destroyed car towards a half-collapsed building.

“I have stopped counting the number of neighborhoods surveyed,” the soldier said, commenting on a video clip posted with a military anthem on his personal account on the TikTok platform.

The New York Times says that since the start of the Israeli ground operation in October, soldiers have shared videos on social media from Gaza, showing what they are doing on the ground.

The video clip shows Israeli soldiers vandalizing shops and classrooms inside schools and making derogatory comments about Palestinians, calling for the construction of Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip, which is “promoted by some extreme right-wing Israeli politicians. An inflammatory idea,” the newspaper says.

The offensive against Gaza left more than 27,000 dead and 66,000 injured.

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