Moussa Al-Tamari: I dream of the Asian Cup… and Klinsmann: Jordan deserved to win and qualify

Jordan national team and French club Montpellier star, Moussa Al-Tamari, confirmed that he dreams of winning the Asian Football Cup, after his country achieved a feat by reaching the final match of the continental championship hosted by Qatar. For the first time in their history, they defeated their South Korean counterpart 2-0 today, Wednesday.

Al-Tamari contributed greatly in deciding the result in favor of “Al-Nashama”, as he assisted the first goal of his colleague on the offensive line, Yazan Al-Naimat, before scoring an even more surprising goal, which was very impressive. Was. To be adjudged the best player in the match, after individual effort.

At the post-match press conference, Al-Tamari said, “I've been dreaming of this Cup since a month before it started. It means a lot to me. If we're destined to win it, it's would be amazing.”

Al-Tamari, who notably became the first Jordanian player to play professionally in the French league with Montpellier, said, “Everyone in France will talk about my country.”

Regarding the amazing goal he scored, “It was not only an individual effort on my part but a collective effort because the midfielders did their duty by holding the ball and passing it to me and I completed their effort.”

He expressed hope that after the great performance in this tournament, “all the players of the Jordan national team will be present in the European, Arab and Gulf leagues”.

Regarding the secret of winning the match, he said, “We are grateful to coach (Hussein) Amouta for this, who developed a perfect strategy for the match and asked us to play with high confidence. The fans also played a big role and Stand together.” Us from the first minute to the last minute.”

Al-Tamari (left) celebrating after the match with his coach during an interview with beIN Sports (Getty)

Amouta comments on Jordan's victory

As for Moroccan coach Amouta, he said, “Congratulations to everyone on this achievement. No one expected us to reach the final, but we did it. I want to congratulate the players, the technical staff and everyone who contributed to this amazing Am.” Work.”

“This achievement should be invested in improving the infrastructure and qualifying players in different age groups,” he said.

He admitted that “My password was to tell the players not to respect Korea too much and that's what happened.”

He added, “We entered the match with full confidence and based on the data we had, we knew that we could score goals despite the Korean net conceding in every match.”

He concluded, “We played a strong match and deserved the win.”

Klinsmann acknowledged “Jordan's advantage”

As for Korea's German coach Jürgen Klinsmann, he acknowledged Jordan's advantage and said, “I'm disappointed. Our goal was to reach the finals, but Jordan deserved to win and qualify and was the better team, So we congratulate him.”

He praised the level of the Jordan team, saying, “There is no doubt that they have a chance to win the title. It is a strong team and its players have confidence.”

When asked whether he would resign from his position amid heavy criticism before and during the tournament, Klinsmann confirmed that he would remain in his post, saying, “We will have to analyze the match when we return to the country.” “And it has to be determined what will happen.” happened.”

“I will tell the Korean Federation about the positive and negative things that happened. We have a young team that is constantly developing,” he said.

The Korean national team has not won an Asian title since 1960.

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