Legal battle continues in America to stop aid to Palestinian Authority

A federal judge in Texas rejected an attempt by US President Joe Biden's administration to block a lawsuit aimed at blocking aid to the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The lawsuit is dated to 2022, and is behind it by Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson and three other people, including the parents of a US soldier who was stabbed by a Palestinian during a visit to Israel in 2017.

The case resurfaced after the Al-Aqsa flooding campaign launched by the Palestinian resistance last October 7 against the Israeli occupation.

The U.S. Justice Department has urged Judge Matthew Kaczmarek of the U.S. District Court in Amarillo to conclude that Representative Ronny Jackson and his allies cannot file a lawsuit challenging foreign aid.

The Justice Department said the plaintiffs lacked legal standing to file a lawsuit because their claims of increased risk of harm were “purely hypothetical.”

The ministry confirmed that the rejection of the case was justified, which was intended to avoid involving the courts in an important issue related to foreign policy.

But Judge Kaczmarek, appointed by former Republican President Donald Trump, ruled last Friday that the plaintiffs demonstrated a “legitimate and reasonable” fear of harm if the funding continued, which is “confirmed by recent global events,” al Referring to the Aksha flood operation.

Kaczmarek's court is a favorite venue for conservatives who challenge government policies.

Based on this decision, the judiciary continues to consider the case until a decision is made.

Congressman Jackson said in a statement on Monday that the decision “brings us one step closer to holding the Administration accountable for the illegal financing of terrorism with American taxpayer money,” as he put it.

Notably, Jackson and his co-defendants regularly visit Israel and are represented before the court by the organization “America First Legal”, a legal group founded by former Trump White House adviser Stephen Miller. .

taylor force

The lawsuit focuses on the Taylor Force law, named after a US soldier who was stabbed by a Palestinian during a visit to Israel in 2017.

Congress passed legislation in 2018 to prevent the Palestinian Authority from paying subsidies to family members of Palestinian martyrs and prisoners.

The law prohibits the U.S. government from providing economic aid that would directly benefit the Palestinian Authority unless it stops providing that aid.

The Biden administration said the law does not block so-called economic aid funding for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but only restricts how the money can be spent. In fiscal year 2023, Congress appropriates $225 million for this assistance.

But the lawsuit alleges that the administration is “illegally looting American taxpayers' money” by providing aid to non-governmental organizations that directly assist the Palestinian Authority in violating the law.

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