Le Figaro: Why do the United States and Iran avoid starting a war?

The French newspaper Le Figaro said that the United States and Iran, despite their ideological differences, have a real strategic rapport to avoid a direct war between them, and reported that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken confirmed that his country would prevent it. Will try my best to. Escalation of conflict and he does not want war with Iran.

The French newspaper indicated – in a column by its writer Renaud Girard – that a counter-offensive was launched by the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) in response to the attack, which left 3 soldiers dead and 47 injured at the hands of Shia. “Islamic Resistance” militia in Iraq can show American voters that President Joe Biden always protects the lives of his soldiers as firmly as possible, so as to send a clear message of deterrence to militias in the Middle East, but the timing is late The group targeted the departure of potential Iranian advisers to Syrian and Iraqi lands.

As Blinken announced that the United States does not want war with Iran, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson also announced that his country does not want tension and has no “agents” in the region, which is Iran's own Reflects a desire to silence the allegations against him. Directly attacking Western interests through unfair means.

According to the author, there is nothing wrong with Iran demonstrating that militias close to it enjoy a kind of freedom in ideological decision-making. For example, Hezbollah did not consult Tehran in its 2006 attack on an Israeli patrol, which led to a fierce 33-day war, and the same applies to the October 7, 2023 attack on Israel.

The author explained that Iran views Israel as an illegitimate state as a result of colonial injustice, used as an “agent” by Washington to destabilize the entire region, but apart from ideological differences, and direct Apart from the existence of a genuine strategic rapprochement to avoid war, they both realized that they would not be able to win it at all.

Normalization with Tehran

The author believes that Iran reached the pinnacle of diplomatic happiness without losing a single soldier, and the war on Gaza was a gift to it on a silver platter, because it restored to it unexpected leadership in the Middle East, and to the world. Forgot about that. Controversial role in Syria and its internal opposition.

Iran is fully aware of the cost of its “friendship” with China and Russia, and it secretly wishes – as the author says – to make a “grand agreement” with the Americans, in which all the files are the same. Issues such as nuclear energy, sanctions, and a new security architecture for the Middle East are addressed frequently. As for what Tehran calls a “Zionist entity,” the rhetoric is ready: “Whatever decision the Palestinians take, we will abide by under all circumstances.”

For his part, Biden wants to appear as a non-extremist president in front of his rival Donald Trump, and if circumstances allow him, he would like to present himself as a successful person to the American voters within 6 months. Would like. Normalizing relations with Tehran, after 45 years of separation.

Girard concluded that Israeli–Iranian and American–Iranian hostilities do not have their roots in history or geography, and are artificial hostilities based on the internal political views of both sides, and all of Washington and Tel Aviv as well as Tehran. Visionary strategists know this very well.

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