Jordanian lawyers are pursuing Israeli occupation leaders at the International Criminal Court

Oman- In a notable move, the Jordanian Bar Association announced that it has submitted a report to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, in coordination with the Arab Lawyers Association, along with Arab associations and human rights organizations and in collaboration with French lawyer Gilles Defar. , against the leaders and individuals of the Israeli occupation state for committing the crime of genocide against the people. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The head of the Jordanian Bar Association, Yahya Abu Abaaoud, said a legal team went to the headquarters of the International Criminal Court in the Dutch city of The Hague with documents and evidence to file a complaint accusing him of committing “such acts”. constitute the crime of genocide committed in the State of Palestine.”

Abu Abaaoud explained in his interview with Al Jazeera Net that the report is believed to be the first of its kind filed before the court, and that it would serve as an official announcement of the beginning of judicial and legal prosecution of Israeli leaders. Is. Occupy at political and military level.

A stance of the Jordan Bar Association in rejection of the invasion of Gaza
A stance of the Jordanian Bar Association in rejection of aggression on Gaza (Al Jazeera + Associated Press)

South African lawsuit

Abu Aboud explained that during the previous period of aggression against the Gaza Strip, the Jordanian Bar Association worked on collecting the necessary documents and evidence for all crimes committed against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and submitting them in a unified manner . The International Criminal Court will launch an investigation.

The Captain indicated that lawyers have based their lawsuit against the Israeli entity on a lawsuit filed by the State of South Africa, indicating that the move comes in implementation of previous decisions of the Jordanian Bar Association Council, the Permanent Office of the Jordanian Bar Association, and the Jordanian Bar Association Council. Decisions emanating from the Arab Lawyers Association, held in Amman, and the Algerian Declaration (International Coalition for the Support…Legal File of the Palestinian People).

Abu Abaaoud said the complaint would be studied by the Public Prosecution, and that there would be a meeting with the Public Prosecutor and the court during the next two or three weeks to act on the complaint, which names Israeli President Isaac Herzog. , Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant. and other leaders of the Israeli occupation.

The head of the Jordanian Bar Association said that, in light of those communications submitted to the court, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court needs to verify the existence of the crime of genocide, and therefore the Prosecutor General cannot ignore the communications submitted. Human rights institutions, given that they are legal entities that represent and represent thousands of people. Advocate.

It is noteworthy that the international team includes the Jordanian, Palestinian, Algerian, Tunisian and Mauritanian Bar Associations and the National Union of Algerian Judges.

removal of kareem khan

For his part, Dr. Anis Kassem, an expert in international law, observed that the lawsuit filed by the Bar Association against Israeli enemy leaders is good, but it is important to work now to form an international coalition of all Bar Associations. The Arab world with representatives of countries at meetings of the General Assembly of the Parties to the Convention. Rome will remove the current Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, for reasons related to his lack of impartiality and his partisan position. Towards Israeli occupation.

Qassim said on Al Jazeera Net that international prosecutor Karim Khan has lost his credibility and impartiality, because the words and statements made by Israeli leaders are enough to convict them according to the law of the International Court of Justice, especially since they contain criminal intentions. Are included. But Khan has not yet taken the necessary steps.

The International Criminal Court was legally established on 1 July 2002 under the Rome Statute, which entered into force on 11 April of the same year, and works to prevent human rights violations by investigating genocide and war crimes.

Since last October 7, Israel has been waging a war on the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in the martyrdom of more than 28,000 Palestinian civilians, the majority of whom are children and women, and massive destruction and unprecedented humanitarian losses, according to Palestinian officials. . Disaster according to the United Nations.

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