International newspapers: US plan to marginalize Hamas will fail, and suspending funding for UNRWA is immoral

The political and humanitarian consequences resulting from the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip attracted the attention of international newspapers, and their articles focused on the suffering experienced by residents there.

Nabhan Khrishi, a writer for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, said that America's plan to marginalize the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) after the end of the Gaza war has failed.

The author attributes this to three main obstacles, the most prominent of which are the potential delay by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in implementing it, as it would involve the return of the Palestinian Authority to rule Gaza, Israel's failure to defeat Hamas, And the fate of Palestine is involved. President Mahmoud Abbas, who may prevent him from carrying out his duties.

In turn, the Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post”, in its editorial, called on Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir to remain silent, describing him as a provocateur who has incited ministers in the current government to use toxic and divisive rhetoric. Inspired to adopt. It put it.

The newspaper believes that if Netanyahu cares about Israel and its future, he should immediately get rid of all sources of hatred and division in his government.

For his part, Scott Brown, a writer for the American website The Hill, described the cut in funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) as immoral, noting that it was more than just a coincidence.

Brown said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government is determined to eliminate the last lifeline for Palestinians, wondering whether his regime deserves the West's support, warning that cutting support for UNRWA This could destabilize Jordan and increase tensions in the country. Already unstable area.

human suffering

The American Wall Street Journal wrote about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza, stating that the Israeli war resulted in an average of about 180 women living without any medical assistance and in dirty, overcrowded shelters, public bathrooms or cold makeshift tents every day. Give birth to a child. ,

The newspaper reported that according to the United Nations and health care workers, hospitals in the Gaza Strip lack doctors and adequate care for pregnant women.

According to an investigation by the British newspaper “Financial Times” from Rafah, the health system in Gaza is in collapse, but the people who are paying the biggest price are those suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases. Epilepsy.

The newspaper warned of a severe shortage of medicines, especially for people suffering from chronic diseases, according to a pharmacist in Rafah, pointing to the case of a father who went almost crazy looking for epilepsy medicine for his four children. It was done, but to no avail. ,

demonstrations and protests

An investigation by the French “Media Part” website from Dublin described the pro-Gaza demonstrations in Ireland as extraordinary, adding that the protests have been massive and unstoppable since the beginning of the war on Gaza and are led by Senior politicians and leaders have done it. Celebrities from art and culture with great enthusiasm.

The website explained that this extraordinary support stems from the colonial past that the Irish had suffered, and concluded that Ireland is a unique case in Europe in standing with Gaza.

As far as the French newspaper Le Monde is concerned, it has reported on what is happening in French political circles after President Emmanuel Macron's decision to hold a ceremony to honor with French citizenship the Israelis killed in the Hamas attack on October 7. shed light on the controversy.

The memorial – which will be held in the center of the capital Paris tomorrow, Wednesday – includes many details, but the “Proud France” party protested and demanded that the Palestinian victims of the Israeli bombing of Gaza be honoured, as it This request caused anger among government circles and Israel's supporters in France.

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