Houthis target two ships in the Red Sea

The Yemeni Houthi group said on Tuesday it fired missiles at two ships in the Red Sea, causing minor damage to one of them, which was sailing off the coast of the Yemeni Hodeidah governorate.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarri said in a televised speech that the group fired naval missiles at the British ships “Morning Tide” and the American “Star Nasiya”, even though they were flying the flags of Barbados and the Caribbean. Marshall Islands respectively.

In his speech, Saari explained that the targeting came as “a victory for the oppression of the Palestinian people and a response to American-British aggression against our country.”

The British Maritime Security Company (Embry) said a general cargo ship flying the Barbados flag and owned by a British company was damaged by a drone while sailing south-east through the Red Sea.

There were no reports of injuries. Embry said the ship made evasive maneuvers and continued its voyage.

British shipping company Foradino, which owns the ship “Morning Tide”, told Reuters the ship is currently sailing without any problems, but did not provide further details.

Yesterday, Monday, the US military announced that it launched a strike against two stranded drone boats belonging to the Houthis in Yemen. It came after new raids by US and British aircraft targeting the group's sites in Yemen.

Since November 19, the Iran-backed Houthis, in support of the Gaza Strip, have been attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea that they say are linked to Israel or headed for its ports, leading to Israel has been against. Has been waging war since 7th October.

To try to stop them, US and British forces launched 3 strikes against their sites in Yemen since January 12. The US military alone periodically attacks missiles it says are ready for launch.

American strategy

On the other hand, The New York Times quoted US envoy to Yemen Timothy Lenderking as saying that Washington is adopting a multi-pronged strategy to gain control over the Red Sea.

He said our strategy in Yemen includes intensifying efforts to interdict Iranian weapons shipped to the Houthis as well as airstrikes to weaken the Houthis' ability to attack ships.

Lenderking stressed that the US strategy includes increasing diplomatic efforts to put pressure on the Houthis.

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