Gaza war death toll rises, and occupation tightens siege of Nasser hospital

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza announced today, Tuesday, that the death toll in the Israeli war on the Strip since October 7, 2023 has increased to 27,585 martyred and 66,978 wounded.

This came to light in a statement in which the ministry presented the latest figures for the 123rd day of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The ministry reported that the Israeli occupation carried out 12 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip during the past 24 hours, leaving 107 martyrs and 143 injured.

He said there were still many victims under the debris and on the streets, and that ambulances and civil defense teams were unable to reach them due to the occupation.

Nasir hospital siege

In a related context, Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said that medical staff, wounded and displaced persons at the Nasser Medical Complex are without food, and there is a severe shortage of surgical supplies and sutures, pointing out that fuel shortages Due to this the electrical generators in the campus will be shut down within 4 days.

He said ambulance workers are risking their lives to save the injured as the movement of ambulances is being disrupted due to the occupation, as the siege on Nasser Medical Complex has been tightened and areas around it have been intensively targeted. going.

Al-Qudra reported that the occupation was putting the lives of 300 medical workers, 450 injured and 10,000 displaced people at immediate risk.

For his part, Nahed Abu Taima, director of the Nasser Complex Surgery Hospital, told Al Jazeera that occupation forces have continued to fire heavily around the complex, adding that 630 have been injured since the siege of the hospital nearly two weeks ago. Have done. Most of them were seriously injured.

He said they face huge and dangerous challenges, including a shortage of medical personnel and a severe fuel shortage, which puts the lives of patients and the injured at risk.

Since October 7, 2023, Israeli forces have been waging a devastating war on Gaza – according to Palestinian officials, most of its victims are children and women, and according to the UN, it has caused massive destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. ,

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