From nightclub manager to president for second term in El Salvador!

As expected, and in a historic precedent that El Salvador had not seen before, its current President of Palestinian origin, Najib Bukele, decided the outcome of the presidential and legislative electoral races in his country with an overwhelming victory of more than 85%. and his youth party, New Ideas, recorded a landslide result of over 90% of the parliamentary seats.

Although these percentages remind us of unfair election results, international observers recorded no significant irregularities in the voting process, prompting President Bukele to describe it as “a precedent in the history of the world's democracies”. !

The result confirmed – without a doubt – that President Bukele's gamble to achieve security for Salvadorans, by whatever means, was the winning card that ensured his victory in a second presidential term, making it the “school of government”. turned into. The vast majority of the rest were Latinos whom it and its governments were oppressing because of the threats of drug gangs and organized crime.

dictator of rising generations

But in the eyes of critics from elites and jurists inside and outside El Salvador, it is a “phenomenon” that blends populism and dictatorship. He is “the most wonderful dictator”, as he presented himself at the beginning of his war on gangs, and “the dictator of the rising generations”, as the Spanish press described him.

Indeed, President Bukele is considered an interesting case to follow, both on a personal and political level. At least it can be said that he established the idea of ​​”political stardom” outside the partisan polarization that rules El Salvador. For 30 consecutive years, and far from explicit US patronage, before assuming the presidency in 2019. On the countries of the continent.

This is a challenge he has taken up during a very rapid political career, and it was a historic blow to the National Front for National Liberation party, with which he started his political career in 2012, and which he ran in its name. Refused to recommend. Presidential elections of 2018. He underestimated his abilities, which led him to establish his current party, “New Ideas”.

President Bukele did not forgive the Front Party's insult after that, and he continued his opposition to the right-wing rival, “Arena”, in order to shock his party again by obtaining 56% of the seats in the 2021 parliament. , and today it is close to wiping out all the seats in last Sunday's elections.

It is noteworthy that in El Salvador the presidential term is of five years, while the parliamentary term is of four years. In addition, President Bukele this time reduced the composition of the parliament from 84 seats to 60.

On the other hand, opinion polls predict a sweeping victory for President Bukela's party in municipal elections four weeks from now, in which the president has also made radical adjustments to its structure, which the opposition has described as malicious adjustments. Described in. A carefully thought out geographical redistribution that ensured that the “New Ideas” party won the majority of municipalities.

Economic Crisis

Critics of President Bukela believe that his war against drug gangs and organized crime, his detention of over 70,000 members, and his use of high-quality technological surveillance capabilities and the largest prison on the American continent with a capacity of forty thousand prisoners construction, this is merely a “populist strategy” that President Bukeila adopted after assuming the reins of office. His confidence in the presidency and his party's seats in parliament at the end of 2021.

However, his long-term goals were not necessarily limited to eliminating gangs, but rather his awareness that this was the safest way to run for a second term.

The opposition website “El Faro” says: The period of happiness for the 7 million Salvadorans, who are freed from the specter of random killing, extortion and intimidation inflicted on them by gangs, may extend to a maximum of two years, which That is what President Bukela planned.

After that, the economic issue, and the problems of unemployment, health and education will be taken up urgently, but President Bukele will then be in his second term, and will not care about the extent of his success in solving them, as he did with regard to them in his first term. I did not show any signs.

Additionally, the Bitcoin adventure he adopted as a parallel currency for El Salvador as soon as he assumed the presidency in 2019 caused huge losses for the country, with the value of the digital currency falling globally in 2022.

artificial campaign

On the other hand, some critics also suspect that the war on gangs was a police operation that was exaggerated to satisfy most people's thirst for revenge against the gangs.

The Spanish government channel broadcast a report six months ago in which it took the testimony of a Salvadoran policeman who admitted that the government forces each team to arrest ten gang members a day, and if they If they do not complete the task, they are required to do so. Just to gain rate, arrest any suspect.

This reinforces the story of many human rights organizations and many families in El Salvador, who accused the government of wrongfully arresting their children, even though they were never associated with gangs.

Human rights organizations and the opposition believe that President Bukele is adopting this method to further his crimes against democracy in the country, his attempts to monopolize all power and suppress the opposition.

All of his critics believe that his dismissal of the Public Prosecutor four years earlier and his interference in the appointment of a new coalition majority of Constitutional Court judges, then creating a loophole in the Constitution that enabled him to run for a second term The clearest signs are his dictatorial attitude, and some people still consider his recent victory invalid. Because Salvadoran law does not allow two consecutive presidential terms, and the loophole is artificial.

no gangs, no democracy

In fact, President Bukela has personality traits that have allowed him to shine despite criticism. This young man of Palestinian origin is the fifth son of the late businessman and engineer Armando Bukele, who was proud during his life that his scientific intelligence was greater than that of Einstein. The Salvadoran press reports that “charisma” and intelligence are two qualities that all members of the Bukele family possess.

It seems that this is what helped President Bukele climb the ladder of success and fame very quickly. It was known about him that his first executive position was the management of a nightclub, after which he founded a large advertising company. He then started his political career in 2012 by running as mayor of a municipality near the capital, after which he won the mayoral post. In the capital, he then announced his intention to run for president and won. Throughout the march, he was confident in his ambitions, as testified by his allies and opponents.

At a time when the opposition summarizes the presidential phase with the slogan “No gangs, no democracy” and believes that the President does not intend to end the emergency law imposed from March 2022.

Much of Salvadoran society has proven that it needs safety before work and democracy, even if the government's whip may accidentally target innocent people.

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