“Al-Harifa”… Fair play in the seventh art

At the threshold of the cinema, it was difficult to choose between one of the international films on the screen and an Egyptian film called “Al-Harifa” starring new young faces. Watching a movie may seem like an adventure, but after a few minutes the screening starts you realize that you will experience pure joy in a unique cinematic situation.

After several minutes of watching the extravagant atmosphere of a wealthy family, and especially with the beginning of the appearance of “Omar”, the student who appears to be a good student at “Al-Batal Secondary School for Boys”, laughter begins to spread. Between the people present in the hall, and the sudden entrance of the rest of the characters, the narration takes you back to the memories of public high schools.

Typically, these films based on the idea of ​​the presence of a “corrupt group” in schools, with diversity among the youth who are controlling, lost and bullied, running away from classes and killing others, the consequences begin to unravel. Already before, but in the film “Al-Harifa”, its author, Iyad Saleh, chose this time to come up with stories that contradict expectations. Starting from the protagonists, football players in the most prestigious clubs of the capital, who started their lives rich and then became poor to play in street leagues, up to the likes of this school group, which gave us a foundation of interconnectedness and security. But brought back to authentic Egyptian values, not inertia. Loss and “fancy.” You are in a different kind of match here, in which the organizers decided to follow a fair game plan and bet on talented people, looking for success that depends on performances and leaving a real mark.

star making craftsmanship

The film revolves around football, which is a smart choice by the people in charge of this thing, because who doesn't love football?! One that brings together people from all over the world to create a universally spoken language in victory and defeat. It is liked by everyone, rich and poor, old and young.

And here it connects “Majid,” a name that brings us to that famous childish “cartoon” creation, “Captain Majid,” and “Shishtawi,” “Hatta,” “Nisa,” “Omar,” and Professor “Shalash.” Leads back to. “And each of them has a story full of the flavor of “showiness.” “Egypt. Each of these youngsters has a point of uniqueness that makes them adept at playing their roles with distinction, even if it is the first experience for most of them.

Nour Al-Nabawi, who embodies the character of Majid, is at the top of the film's poster, slightly larger than her colleagues, perhaps because she has achieved a lesser degree of stardom in several television works over the years than her colleagues. Earned, and perhaps because he is the hero of the story, and although here, like in football, everyone was the hero, this does not prevent the presence of a scorer and captain for the team, but he cannot score his own goals alone. Rather, he must pass the ball, receive it and wait for the opportune moment to shoot. Thus, Nour Al-Nabawi won his first cinematic championship and achieved great success in a short time, despite the burden of a heavy inheritance as the son of a famous artist, “Khalid Al-Nabawi”, who carries his delicate features. does, but he appeared with a different emotion and performance, a far cry from what his father had played in his roles.

al-harifa film
The protagonists of the film “Al-Harifa” (from right) Nour Al-Nabawi (left) Abdul Rahman Muhammad (social networking sites)

Ahmed Ghazi, who played the role of “Al-Sheshtawi”, is a young actor with diverse abilities. He knows his potential very well, and how to show his emotion without any effect. He played several roles in Egyptian television productions, such as the role of “Othman” in the series “The Imam's Message”, and participated in the series “Dharb Nar” and the film “The Choice 2”, among other works.

Ghazi did not repeat a single role in his television appearances, but presented a variety of different roles and distinguished himself in his performances between the drug addict and the country's son. He took a distinct step forward from his colleagues by participating in British series, the most important of which is “The Crown”, the fifth season of which was shown on the Netflix platform, playing the role of a young Adnan Khashoggi. In “Al-Harifa”, he presented a detailed workmanship for the character of “Ibn al-Balad”, who is supported by his pride and his family, who knows the values ​​of the neighborhood and the consequences of being an official despite his education. Is. Failure and the love of football.

“Maharaganat” singer Ahmed Khalid Khamis, better known as “Kozbara”, who played the character of “Hatta”, was the discovery of this film. Despite acting for the first time, he is basically a young “Maharaganat” singer, but the comedian performance he gave foreshadows a star who will compete with the major comedy stars. For their ability to make me laugh quickly, without much effort, and for their uniqueness with pure Egyptian characteristics.

Abd al-Rahman Muhammad, who played the character of “Omar”, a promising comedian whose scenes never ceased to make the audience laugh in the cinema, appears as a pale shadow of the late artist Alaa Wali al-Din, In which he has many characteristics. And soul, and wearing your glasses. While watching them, you don't feel that they are acting or trying to blend in. In fact, as soon as he comes on the screen, you start laughing. His presence with Dhaniya, and their match in the film, was a discovery for the new generation of young comedy presenters.

Egyptian football player Ahmed Hossam, better known as Mido or “Mr. Shalash”, was a real wonder, and at first glance you wouldn't recognize him. Those with thick glasses, loose clothes, and a muscular body, were “Mido”. Able to quickly join the world of cinema and play his role competently. The characteristics of Egypt national team coach Captain Hassan Shehata remind us of his calmness, which turns into a storm when defeat looms. The matter did not stop there, rather the author recreated the famous dispute between “Omar” and “Dhaniya” in a scene of the movie, between Mido and Captain Hassan Shehata, so that you can laugh heartily, because you saw the hero of the situation present. , remembering the actual dispute in Mido's voice at that time, tried to calm both sides.

a director who specializes in writing

Iyad Saleh, a film director and writer, directed several documentaries, worked as an assistant director and participated in the writing of several television dramas, in addition to several television programs including “His Excellency”.

Ten years ago, Iyad presented a documentary film titled “The Lost Football Years” in which he explored the reasons for Egypt's absence from the World Cup. It seems that this dream haunted him until the opportunity came this time, but because he was the writer of his first cinematic work, and it revolved around football.

Iyad Saleh tells Al Jazeera Net, “Heroes School is my real school, and most of the characters that appear in the film are people I lived with, and I was a high school student, and my dream was to represent the country's son In popular circles he is as I knew him among his colleagues, not like the image that has spread over the years of ours.”

Regarding reactions to the film, Saleh says, “The greatest gift I received after showing the film was the feedback from moms and dads who were happy with the ideas they liked, and that the film impacted their children greatly. , so that they will know how much effort parents are making to provide good opportunities for their children's lives, apart from the absence of film.” “One of the weird ideas spreading among young people these days.”

The author succeeds in bringing us back to a rule we haven't even mentioned yet, i.e. does the audience determine what the producer presents or vice versa? He confirms that it is possible for cinema to draw the lines of society and not always the other way around… this time bringing us back with it to memories that we have almost forgotten because they have been distorted for a long time. Have done. Despite the dialect, dress and hairstyle, that Egyptian neighborhood whose details we have forgotten in recent years exists either on a dark fringes amid crimes and loss, or extreme wealth amid luxurious palaces, and Western An extraordinary life lived with ideas.

Direction is a skill of beauty and spontaneity

For many directors the first time in film direction comes with trepidation or dullness, but in “Al-Harifa” its director Rauf Al-Sayed showed great effort and excellence, starting with simple scenes of streets and small playgrounds . To understand the range of delightful details of Egypt's streets and the different needs of its different classes, their parallel neighborhoods in the top clubs.

The writer and director coordinated in drawing attention to the world of the neighborhood and its opportunities, as we saw in the scene of the “upholstery” festival common in popular areas, which is an occasion to prepare the marital bed and celebrate its preparations. In comparison to the loud, expensive party scenes for the rich.

Between the warmth and insularity of middle-class homes, the growing distance between the palace rooms of the rich and their individualism, the attempts at integration through language and signs of different social classes and the small successes in forming friendships across an ocean, according to the anticipation, We were touched by all these emotions as we watched the film immersed in the atmosphere of the houses, their smells, the streets and their noise.

The director also succeeded in harnessing the potential of his heroes despite their limited acting experience. In fact, this was the first effort for most of them without falling into the trap of hyperbole or deviating from their roles, as each character enters your heart without permission. ,

al-harifa film
Ahmed Ghazi, one of the heroes of the film “Al-Harifa” (Social Networking Sites)

Tarek Al-Ghanaini is a courageous and wise master

A talented actor, writer or director can get a chance only through a courageous producer who bets on new energy. In the movie “Al-Harifa”, Tariq Al-Ganaini succeeded in proving to others that he is a strong bookmaker. It's not just about giving unknown youngsters the opportunity to compete with big stars in one season, but also because of their enthusiasm for ideas that no one else presents. In recent years we have seen many works signed by Al-Ganaini and all… What unites them is that they are different from the prevailing… Only this year, and in less than two months, “Special Case” came to cinemas and platforms to occupy the throne of viewing excellence.

“Al-Harifa” topped the box office for a full 5 weeks and achieved the highest revenue ever, breaking the £40 million barrier at the time of writing and competing with major stars. Such as: the film “Abu Nasab” starring Muhammad Adel Imam and Majid Al-Kedwani, “Maksoom” starring Laila Alawi, “Shamarikh” starring Asr Yassin, and “Journey 404” starring Mona Zaki.

a winning artistic blend

For years, we have searched for a long time and we have not found any movie that we can enjoy with our children without fear of passing on ideas or practices that are not like ours. “Al-Harifa” was able to make that choice easily and beautifully. While you'll enjoy bright and easy-going performances, free of complications and exaggeration, you won't worry about the expected obscene insults, you won't see drugs and their marketing as an easy solution, and you won't pollute your hearing. will not do. Clips of festival songs, which oscillate between describing an obscene act, or an act contrary to religion and common sense.

“Al-Harifa” came to confirm that the door to creativity has opened for writers with the encouragement of a producer who has another vision of art besides generating revenue while being immersed in tinkering with constants.. .And with a director who wants to leave a distinctive impact, we can create a distinctive, winning and clean artistic blend.

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