A girl trembles for fear of crossing the “safe corridor” designated by the occupation in Khan Yunis

Since the first days of the Israeli invasion of Gaza, the Israeli occupation forces announced “safe humanitarian corridors” for civilians to leave areas where fighting was taking place with Palestinian resistance groups, claiming that She was concerned about the citizens.

But these safe routes did not reassure the children either, as the Palestinian Red Crescent published a video clip on its Instagram account that showed a dialogue between one of its crew members and a Palestinian girl in Gaza, on “Children are afraid to cross what the (Israeli) military says is a safe route,” he commented.

Video shows the girl trembling with fear while a Red Crescent paramedic tries to calm her and convince her that crossing the corridor is for her safety, as occupation forces close in on Al-Amal Hospital in Khan Younis Surrounded and asked people to leave.

The girl's video created a state of shock among the viewers on the social media platform. Due to the psychological condition to which Gaza's children have been subjected due to the occupation army's practices and violations, he said the child has lost any sense of security; Because he had seen firsthand how occupation troops targeted civilians as they passed through what they falsely claimed were “safe passage”.

Tweeters cited several video clips showing occupation forces carrying out crackdowns on displaced people from different areas of the Gaza Strip, such as a clip of two brothers, one of whom waved a white flag, Despite this he was taunted.

They also broadcast a video showing the moment of the execution of civilian Ramzi Abu Sahloul, despite a white flag flying in front of the camera lens in the al-Mawasi area, which Israel had said was safe, in addition to other clips showing dead bodies. Martyrs were dumped along roads that the occupation claimed were “safe corridors”.

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced the evacuation of approximately 8,000 displaced people from Al Amal Hospital and the association's headquarters in Khan Yunis, while only 40 displaced elderly people remained, in addition to approximately 80 sick and injured people and 100 medical and administrative staff.

A video was published showing hundreds of displaced people departing from Al-Amal Hospital and the association's headquarters after being surrounded by occupation army vehicles for more than two weeks amid an atmosphere of fear, anxiety and terror Was; Due to bombing and firing around the hospital.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said occupation forces arrested two of its volunteers yesterday as they were passing through a “humanitarian corridor” for displaced persons at Al Amal hospital in Khan Younis.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said that the occupation continues to lie about the existence of safe corridors for displaced persons and medical personnel, and that the corridors it speaks of are “death corridors”.

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