3 officers arrested in Sudan for planning the assassination of a senior military commander

Military sources told Al Jazeera that military intelligence in the Omdurman military zone last Saturday arrested three Sudanese army officers – one of whom was a lieutenant colonel and the other two were majors – who had planned the assassination of a senior military commander , while the number of people displaced by the fighting rose to 11 million.

The sources said the detainees were planning to arrest Lieutenant General Yasser al-Atta, a member of Sudan's Sovereignty Council and supervisor of military operations in Omdurman.

The army's assistant commander-in-chief, Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber, came to the Wadi Sayyedna military area in Omdurman to defuse the crisis, sources said.

humanitarian crisis

In a parallel context, the Sudanese government announced that the number of displaced people in 9 states had reached more than 11 million displaced people in 67 localities.

Graham Abdel Kader, Minister of Culture and Information, said in a press statement that according to a study presented by the Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid at a meeting of the Supreme Committee for Humanitarian Emergencies, the most affected displaced persons are women and children. The number of displaced women reached 4 million, while the number of displaced children reached 3 million.

Sudanese officials said 90% of the displaced were from Khartoum state, Al-Jazeera state and the Darfur region.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations has estimated the number of people displaced due to the war in Sudan to be 70 lakh 400 thousand.

In a related context, the General Coordinator for Displaced Persons and Refugee Camps said the grave humanitarian situation in displaced persons camps in the Darfur region has risen to the level of a humanitarian disaster.

He said residents of these camps are in desperate need of emergency humanitarian assistance, including food, life-saving medicines, drinking water and shelter.

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