With a tray of coffee and croissants… “Café Race” returns to Paris after 13 years of absence

The Waiter Race, an event that was born on the streets of Paris more than a century ago, will return to the French capital on March 24 after an absence of 13 years, and 4 months before the start of the Summer Olympic Games in France. Will host next summer.

“This is the rebirth of a legendary race,” said Dan Lert, assistant in charge of environmental change and head of the Paris Water Authority, the municipal authority that organizes the race with a budget of about 100,000 euros. Due to lack of sponsor, this event has been stopped since 2011.

According to Nicolas Bonnet-Olaz, assistant responsible for business affairs, the event, named “Café Race”, will bring together 200 participants on a two-kilometre course, starting and ending at the Paris City Hall.

Bonnet Olalage recalled the historical role of this popular race, which he says was founded in Paris in 1914 because of “this service provided in the French manner, these institutions that are the envy of the whole world, and this Parisian way of life.” To shed light on

Waiters and waitresses, both beginners and more experienced, who have until March 20 to register, must carry in their trays, in addition to croissants, “coffee and a cup of water, which must not be spilled on the floor”. According to Dan Lert, running should be banned.

Lert indicated that all participants would “wear a white shirt, black pants and an apron that will be provided to them.”

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