What did tweeters comment on Mohamed Salah's reaction to his criticism?

Activists and tweeters reacted on social media to what Egypt national team captain Mohamed Salah, nicknamed “the pride of the Arabs”, published on some platforms, after some Egyptian and Arab fans attacked him. Was accused of not performing well with the national team. 2023 African Cup in Ivory Coast.

The Egypt national team was eliminated from the Africa Cup of Nations in the round of 16 after losing to the Democratic Republic of Congo, sparking public anger against the players, management and captain Salah, who strained a back muscle and requested A replacement in the match against Ghana.

To justify his position, Salah resorted to morale-boosting human development books and published on his Instagram account some advice from one of these books that he liked: “Be yourself, don't be like someone else. Don't imprison yourself in the ideas of others, and don't mold yourself to anyone's shape.” “The one who wants you is 47, the one who wants you is 39, and the one who wants you is 42.”

The Liverpool star added: “Don't allow anyone to see themselves in you and try to achieve their personal dreams through you, and don't allow anyone to accept you with conditions, love you with conditions. Or don't allow yourself to be respected with conditions. Only you.” ,

The comments of some activists were discussed in the episode (2/5/2024) of the program Shabakaat, some of whom criticized Salah's failure to complete matches with the national team during the tournament and his travel to Liverpool and held him responsible. While others stated that he was correct and was only representing himself.

Activist Jasser sharply criticized Salah, accusing him of arrogance and saying: “Salah does not care about any Egyptian Arab, and what he has written shows that arrogance has blinded him.”

As for the account's owner, Mohamed Salama, he urged Salah not to play with the national team again, tweeting: “I hope you never make the national team again. How many years have you got and you Haven't won a single championship match with the national team?

For his part, singer Ezz el-Din found an excuse for Salah and said: “By God, Salah is right, and everyone represents only himself,” and he added, “Al-Tharthar he Who looks at people and compares.”

Twitter Taj sarcastically noted that Salah writes in colloquial language and asked, “Apart from the pain in the eyes that occurs when one reads a book in colloquial language, is Salah a drama queen or am I preparing for this?” Am I?”

Accusing Salah of only being interested in financial gain, Yara tweeted: “From this message it is clear that Mohamed Salah does not care about the people's opinions that encourage him, and he only cares about the money he earns from Liverpool. cares about,” and added, “Liverpool's money cannot be compared to the money they get from the Egypt national team.”

According to analysts, Salah's injury not only affected the Egyptian national team, but also affected the Liverpool team, as Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp announced that Salah would miss two matches with the team due to injury.

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