Trump calls on Republicans to reject legislation that includes aid to Ukraine and Israel

Former US President Donald Trump called on members of his Republican Party in Congress to oppose a draft legislation that includes provisions on border security, immigration and billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine and Israel.

“Only an idiot or radical left Democrat would vote for this terrible bill,” Trump wrote on his social media network, Truth Social, on Monday.

He added, “We need a separate draft law on immigration, and it should not be linked in any way to aid provided to a foreign country.”

Yesterday, Sunday, the US Senate presented the proposed text of the legislation after several months of negotiations between the Democratic and Republican parties and it includes spending of $ 118 billion.

The draft legislation includes $20.2 billion for border security, $60 billion to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, $14.1 billion for security assistance to Israel, and $2.4 billion for U.S. Central Command and the “conflict in the Red Sea.” The dollar allocation has been determined.

“I urge Congress to quickly complete and pass this agreement between the two parties,” U.S. President Joe Biden said after the initial agreement was announced, praising the immigration measures contained in the text.

For his part, Senate Democratic majority leader Senator Chuck Schumer said he would move to hold an initial vote on the bill next Wednesday.

According to Reuters, if the legislation is passed, it would be the most significant change related to immigration and border security in the United States in decades.

But Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson – who is close to Trump – said yesterday, on Sunday, that there would be no vote in the House on giving new aid to Ukraine and strengthening the border with Mexico in light of the current wording of the agreement. . ,

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