Trial begins in Turkey against 9 people suspected of collaborating with Mossad

Today, Monday, after Ankara announced the arrest of people accused of collaborating with Mossad last Friday, Turkish authorities sent 9 people to an Istanbul court on suspicion of selling information to the Israeli intelligence agency (Mossad).

Authorities transferred the suspects to the Palace of Justice in Istanbul's Caglayan district, and after their interrogation, the public prosecutor referred the suspects to a criminal magistrate court, ordering seven of them to be imprisoned and the other two suspects to be released under the condition But a request was made to release him. That they should be kept under judicial surveillance.

Security sources said that the Turkish intelligence service was aware that Mossad was tracking its targets in Turkey through private investigators.

Sources said the investigation looked at activities by the Mossad such as collecting biographical information about people, conducting reconnaissance, photo and video documentation, surveillance and planting tracking devices against its targets through private investigators attached to them. .

An investigation by the Public Prosecution in Istanbul confirmed that nine people were suspected of selling information obtained through private investigators to the Mossad.

Based on the investigation of the Public Prosecution, the Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism Branches of the Istanbul Security Directorate – on Friday – conducted a simultaneous security operation in Istanbul and Izmir states, which led to the arrest of 7 suspects, and it was found that another two persons He was detained earlier also under the same investigation.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish Intelligence Service had conducted an operation against private investigators associated with Mossad in December 2022, which resulted in the arrest of 68 people.

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