The occupation of the West Bank continues to escalate and a campaign of raids and arrests has begun

Israeli occupation forces attacked West Bank cities, camps and towns at dawn on Monday and arrested at least 20 Palestinians. Palestinian sources said the arrest operation included freed prisoners from cadres of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Agitation.

Al Jazeera's correspondent said occupation forces attacked the al-Ain camp, west of the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank, amid clashes and the sound of explosions.

Israeli forces surrounded a house in the camp, while a confrontation with dozens of Palestinians broke out and the army withdrew from the camp after arresting two civilians.

storm of tubas

Occupation forces also attacked the town of Tubas in the northern West Bank and arrested two people, triggering clashes with dozens of Palestinians.

According to witnesses, the Israeli army used live and metal bullets and tear gas bombs to disperse Palestinians who pelted stones at its forces.

The occupying forces sent reinforcements with their vehicles through the Taysir checkpoint, and a military bulldozer began bulldozing some roads inside the city.

Resistance groups announced that they were targeting occupied vehicles entering the city with heavy gunfire.

Tulkarm and Jenin

In the city of Tulkarm in the northern West Bank, Israeli forces launched a campaign of raids and arrests, targeting 5 civilians, amid clashes with Palestinian militants in several locations in the city.

Israeli occupation forces also stormed the village of Ramin, east of Tulkarm, firing live bullets, stun grenades and poisonous tear gas into its streets and alleys.

In Jenin Governorate, occupation forces arrested 8 civilians from the town of Arraba during a search and raid that affected dozens of houses.

Palestinian sources reported that clashes broke out with occupying forces in the city's district of Ya'abad and that resistance fighters detonated a high-explosive device along with occupying vehicles.

explosive device

In Hebron, Palestinian resistance fighters target occupying forces with a homemade device during an attack on the town of Beit Omar, north of the city.

Israeli occupation forces attacked the town of Halhul, arrested 3 civilians, and caused material damage to a civilian's vehicle before withdrawing from the town.

Local Palestinian platforms published video clips documenting the occupation forces' attack on the town, located north of Hebron.

Local Palestinian platforms also published visuals documenting an attack by Israeli occupation forces on the town of Bidya, located west of the city of Salfit in the West Bank. Visuals documented the presence of occupation vehicles in city neighborhoods and the advance of reinforcements toward them. ,

With the start of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, Israel escalated its military campaign in the West Bank, leaving 381 martyrs and about 4,400 injured, according to official Palestinian figures.

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