The Israeli military has documented its crimes against the people of Gaza

A video clip published by an Israeli soldier shows the interrogation of a Palestinian civilian from Gaza who was stripped, handcuffed and injured in his leg, sparking outrage and condemnation on social media platforms Went.

The story began when an Israeli soldier named Yossi Gamzu posted a video clip through his account on the social media platform showing the arrest of a Gaza man. The video showed the Palestinian being taken away in handcuffs and stripped of his clothes. The clip also showed a man sitting on a chair in a building in Gaza, with his hands tied behind his back, with his leg bleeding, as if he had been tortured.

The Israeli soldier's friends began circulating the clip and bragging about it, and it also spread among audiences on social media platforms in the Arab world.

An Israeli soldier and his battalion interrogate a civilian in Gaza
An Israeli soldier and his battalion interrogate a civilian in Gaza (Social Media Sites)

As the video spread, many Tweeters called for the Israeli soldier's accounts to be searched and their data published on social media platforms. As soon as the photos spread, he closed his Instagram account and restricted access to his Facebook page except to friends.

***INSIDE ONLY**** Israeli soldier deleted photos and his Instagram account
Israeli soldier deleted the photo and his Instagram account (social networking sites)

Following the comments, monitored by Al Jazeera Net, the process of discovering the original clips that the Israeli soldier had published through his accounts, some of which were closed, began. During the search, it was found that the soldier is “Yossi Gamzu”, a photographer in the Granite Battalion (932) in the Israeli Army, who was fighting in Gaza City. Yossi was documenting his battalion's combat operations in the Gaza Strip and uploading them to his YouTube channel. It was also revealed that the video was filmed in late December last year, and was filmed in the al-Rimal neighborhood in central Gaza.

Tweeters expressed their anger and commented on the clip, saying that the videos show the Israeli occupation army as it really is, contrary to what its leaders claim is the most ethical army in the world.

Others described the picture that captured the Gaza captives as one of the most inhumane and disgusting stories of Israeli crime, and there are hundreds more criminal and horrifying stories of what has happened to the people of Gaza since the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Have not come forward against. Gaza Strip.

Followers said that the man who was arrested in the first video was not injured, but in the second video, his leg was injured and bleeding, and there was a stick next to him that was used Gaya appears to have tortured them, according to his followers.

Some bloggers compared the conditions in which prisoners are subjected to in the face of the Palestinian resistance, the way they are treated, and the brutal way in which Israeli occupation troops treat civilians arrested from Gaza.

While some observers called for all these cases to be documented and kept in an organized archive so that they could be approved as evidence before the International Court of Justice and Israel could be held accountable for its crimes.

Others said the Israeli occupation forces are documenting their criminal operations in Gaza without restraint or fear of accountability, accusing the West of continuing its military and political operations since the beginning of the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip 122 days ago. Has been accused of supporting the Israeli occupation.

Some observers also pointed to the way the Palestinian captive looked at the Israeli soldier, which they described as noble, and said that the photo reflected the unwavering spirit of Palestinian determination, and the irony that it was taken by the executioner himself who wanted Was there to break and humiliate the victim, but then it is he who is humiliated in front of the victim's looks, his nose and his glory. As one of them said.

The same Israeli soldier posted a video clip showing Israeli forces arresting dozens of men, women and children naked, blindfolded and handcuffed in much of Gaza.

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