The intense fighting and capture in Khan Yunis speaks of fierce resistance in northern Gaza


Intense fighting continues in Gaza Strip between resistance groups and Israeli occupation forces in multiple axis areas, while sirens are sounding in the northern Gaza Strip and other areas of the enclave.

Al Jazeera correspondent reported that clashes with heavy machine guns took place in the south of Gaza City and in different areas of Khan Yunis city. Israeli media also reported that the resistance had resumed fighting in northern Gaza.

The correspondent said that the Khan Younis area in the southern Gaza Strip has been continuously shelled by Israeli artillery since Monday morning.

resistance operation

In turn, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades – the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) – announced the seizure of an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft, which was on an intelligence mission west of Khan Yunis, in the south of the Gaza Strip .

Summarizing al-Qassam Brigades' operations during the past days, al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Ubaida said that al-Qassam fighters eliminated 15 Israeli soldiers in 17 separate military operations. They also killed an officer. and one soldier, and it was announced that dozens of soldiers were killed or wounded.

For its part, the al-Quds Brigades – the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement – ​​announced targeting Israeli troops with lightning-type missiles and bombarding the positions of Israeli troops and vehicles with mortar shells in the al-Taqaddam axis. of. , southwest of Khan Yunis.

It said it had bombarded positions of occupation troops and vehicles in the area with mortar shells, and that the brigade broadcast images of missile salvos targeting military positions and crowds of Israeli occupation forces in the east of the Central Governorate. Were from.

battle between north and south

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation army said that its forces were engaged in extensive fighting during the last days in Khan Yunis, which it described as one of the strongholds of the Hamas movement.

The occupation army said the paratroopers brigade carried out operations against Palestinian militants in the al-Amal neighborhood in the city of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip. The occupation forces circulated photographs, stating that they were carrying out aerial targeting of terrorists. neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, Israeli military, media and political sources said reports of renewed fighting in Gaza City and northern areas of the Strip had increased in recent days.

Haaretz newspaper quoted these sources as saying that this is a sign that Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian resistance groups have renewed their ability to move into these areas and join the fighting.

Haaretz quoted civilians in Gaza as saying that people in civilian clothes and armed with RPG rifles were attacking the army and opening fire on it.

He said Hamas is trying to escalate fighting in these areas, over which Israel claims it has consolidated control, with the aim of Hamas demonstrating its organizational and operational capabilities and increasing Israeli military pressure on the southern Gaza Strip. Have to reduce.

Gaza cover

Al Jazeera's correspondent reported that sirens were sounding in Yad Mordechai in the northern Gaza Strip and other areas of the enclave.

Israeli Channel 12 said that sirens were sounded in the Yad Mordechai settlement, with no reports of human or material damage, and the Israeli military did not release any official comment on the reasons for sounding the sirens.

The Israeli channel published a video clip it said was of parts of a missile launched from Gaza near the “Yad Mordechai” settlement in the north of the Gaza Strip. The channel reported that the missile caused no human or physical damage.

Sirens sound repeatedly in several Israeli settlements and cities, as Palestinian resistance groups respond to raids and attacks by Tel Aviv on the Gaza Strip by firing missiles towards several Israeli areas.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported that mayors of Israeli settlements located within 7 kilometers of the Gaza Strip border called on the Israeli government to keep them out of the border until the end of next July, rather than the beginning of next March. , as requested by the government.

The authority said that these demands came during a tense discussion that lasted for 4 hours with the Director of the Prime Minister's Office and the Finance Ministry, but they did not yield any result.

Since October 7, 2023, Israeli forces have been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, which as of Sunday, according to Palestinian officials, had led to 27,365 martyrs and 66,630 wounded, most of whom were children and women, and caused massive destruction. And according to the United Nations, an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.

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