Preliminary approval of a draft law in the US Congress to support Ukraine and Israel

Yesterday, on Sunday, the US Senate announced a $118 billion bill approved by the Republican and Democratic parties, which will include providing aid to Ukraine and Israel after months of negotiations.

In a post on the “X” platform, US President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass a bill approved by both parties to provide military assistance to Ukraine and Israel and humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer confirmed he would move to hold an initial vote on the bill on Wednesday. If approved, the project would represent the most significant change to US immigration and border security policy in decades.

Speaking to reporters, US Senator Kyrsten Sinema said the legislation would ensure the security of the United States' southern border, including requiring the Department of Homeland Security to “close” the border to immigrants if daily crossing attempts are made. The number exceeds 5,000. Average over a period of 7 days.

Aid to support Ukraine and Israel

In addition to allocating $20.23 billion for border security, the bill also includes $60.06 billion to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, $14.1 billion in security assistance to Israel, US Central Command and $2.44 billion for operations in the Red Sea. dollars and includes an allocation of $4.83 billion. To support Ukraine.

An additional $10 billion will also be allocated to provide humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza, the West Bank and Ukraine.

The United States will provide $4.83 billion to support key regional partners in the Indo-Pacific region, where tensions have escalated between Taiwan and China. In addition, it will provide $2.33 billion to Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion and other refugees fleeing persecution.

Schumer indicated in his statement that the basic points outlined in the draft legislation are necessary and important and cannot be ignored, and politics should not be allowed to interfere and hinder its implementation.

The bill's key foreign security provisions closely match a request Biden made to Congress last October, when he asked for additional funding to help Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

But the request failed due to Republicans in the House of Representatives insisting on linking it to changes in immigration policy.

For his part, Biden encouraged Congress to quickly complete and approve the deal, while also expressing his support for the immigration-related measures included in the draft legislation.

Former President Donald Trump, the Republican Party's most prominent candidate to compete with Biden in the upcoming elections, launched an anti-immigration campaign. House Republicans are continuing their efforts to remove senior officials in the Biden administration, including Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

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