Najib Bukele wins second presidential term in El Salvador

Palestinian-born Salvadoran President Najib Bukele announced his victory on Sunday for a second presidential term after receiving more than 85% of the vote, making him the first El Salvador to be elected to a second 5-year term in nearly 100 years. Became the first President of. Year.

“According to our numbers, we won the presidential election with more than 85% of the votes,” Abu Kaila, 42, wrote on the X platform, adding that his “New Ideas” party also won at least 58 seats. A Legislative Council with 60 seats was introduced. After this, his victory was celebrated by fireworks in the capital San Salvador.

Voters in El Salvador cast their votes in the presidential election yesterday, Sunday, amid expectations that he would score a landslide victory against his five other rivals, including politicians from the former leftist Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front and the National Republican Front. The Alliance Party, which is a right-wing nationalist.

Bukele, who is very popular, capitalized on the success of his security strategy during his election campaign, under which authorities suspended civil liberties and arrested more than 75,000 Salvadorans without bringing charges against them.

Those arrests led to a sharp drop in the murder rate nationwide and transformed a country of 6.3 million that was once one of the world's most dangerous. But some analysts say mass incarceration of 1% of the population is not a sustainable strategy.

Opinion polls conducted in conjunction with the elections showed that a majority of voters were ready to reward Bukele for his success in dismantling the criminal groups that had made life in El Salvador unbearable and fueling a wave of immigration to the United States. Was promoted.

Bukele came to power in 2019 by defeating traditional parties after promising to end gang violence and revive the stagnant economy.

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