Izvestia: Washington's attacks in the Middle East are useless and tarnish its image

A report published by the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” said that the US has failed to change the situation in the Middle East, and its image is being tarnished by large-scale attacks targeting sovereign countries in the region.

The report's author, Anastasia Kostina, separately addressed the impact of United States-initiated attacks on Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, confirming that they have had an adverse impact on US interests in the region, saying that The purpose of all these attacks is to support Israel.

He pointed out that despite the large-scale operation conducted by the United States and Britain against the Houthis, the situation in the Red Sea has not yet changed, and the Houthis continue to attack ships and transport companies.

Western attacks against the Houthis did not defeat them

He said that the American and British attacks against the Houthis did not lead to any military or political defeat and were not enough to destabilize the balance of power within the Yemeni conflict. Despite attacks on infrastructure, the Houthis are currently working to enhance their reputation at home and throughout the Arab world.

He said the US strikes on 85 targets in Iraq and Syria – which were announced by US National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby, would weaken the capabilities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the groups it funds and supports. Was selected for – will not be achieved. Their goals, but will increase the risk of escalating tensions in the Middle East.

tarnishing the image of America

The author cites the Russian Foreign Ministry's statement that the attacks in Syria and Iraq demonstrated the aggressive nature of US policy in the region and its disregard for international law.

He said Iran could respond with real hostility, the extent of which the world does not know. So far, Tehran's response has been limited to official statements, such as the Iranian Foreign Ministry's insistence that the strikes would increase US government involvement in the region's affairs, describing them as bold actions that would threaten regional and Are a threat to international peace and security.

It quoted Grigory Lukyanov, a researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Oriental Studies Institute in Moscow, as saying that the US has not announced any “red lines” but likely will not launch direct attacks against Iran. As no responsible American political leader has allowed such an option since 2015.

anxiety state

The author also reported that last week, Iran had withdrawn its Revolutionary Guard forces from Syrian positions, which, according to Lukyanov, meant that Iran went into a “phase of dispersal” to mitigate the impact of US attacks. Is.

Kostina attributed this to Ruslan Mammadov, a senior researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, saying that American escalation in the Middle East has been controlled, such as by the leadership of Iran, Iraq, Yemen. And the Syrians are only aware of the general trend of tension, he said, adding that there is a dynamic in US relations – Iran has its own rules, even if they are unwritten and based on the reluctance of both sides to launch direct attacks.

American withdrawal from Iraq

The report said that one consequence of the US attacks on Iraq was that Baghdad announced its desire for a complete withdrawal of US forces.

Mammadov stressed that all steps taken by the United States in the region are part of a global strategy to support Israel, whose conflict with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has already escalated beyond the Gaza Strip.

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