Israeli media: Sinwar translates two books of former Shin Bet chiefs

Former head of the Israeli prison service Katy Perry revealed in a statement to Israeli Channel 12 that Yahya Sinwar, the head of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip, has translated two books by two former heads of the Internal Security Agency. (Shin Bet).

It is related to a book by Jacob Perry, titled “The One Who Is Coming to Kill You,” and another book by Karmi Gillon, titled “The Shin Bet Between the Divisions,” and it deals with the divisions in Israeli society. Revolves around.

Perry said that during a surprise search in front of the cell where al-Sanwar was being held, a book was found in al-Sanwar's possession, believed to be in his handwriting. The number of pages in the book was between 500 and 600 pages, confirming that he intended to translate it for security prisoners.

The former head of the Israeli prison service confirmed that Sinwar has translated two books by two former heads of Shin Bet (Al Jazeera).

The former Israeli official spoke about Sinwar's personality, saying, “It was quite clear that he was a type of cool and decisive leader,” and that he was “within the rule of “know your enemy” strategy of Shin Bet leaders. Let's read “. ,

In another context, Perry had previously called for Israeli prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip to be returned to their homes at all costs.

Israel will have to pay a heavy price

Amid the ongoing discussion on Israeli channels regarding the ongoing prisoner exchange deal negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian resistance, former head of the Israeli Intelligence Service (Mossad) Yossi Cohen said that Israel will have to pay a price in relation to the exchange deal. . And added, “It is difficult to say at this stage what the deal is.” “Nice and solid because our hand is at the bottom.”

Cohen, who was speaking on Channel 11, predicted that the deal would include “very tough prices for the State of Israel.”

For her part, Yara Shapira, political affairs correspondent for Channel 11, observed that Israel is not holding a mini-ministerial council session, nor is it delivering any messages to the Qatari and Egyptian mediators, and “proceeding For” is silent. “Hamas will have to hesitate and give its final response.”

He said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's people are doing everything possible to confront Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir to ensure they remain in the government if the swap deal is implemented. Will stay.

As for Gideon Sa'ar, Minister in the War Council, he opposed any agreement with the Palestinians, saying, “If this incident is linked to agreeing on the establishment of a Palestinian state, it is madness in the state of Israel.”

Channel 13's political affairs correspondent Moriya Asraf Walberg, while talking about the tension between Egypt and Israel, stressed that it has reached its peak. She said she was publishing for the first time that “Israel is studying before Egypt.” The possibility of transferring the Rafah crossing from the border triangle (Israel, Gaza, Egypt) to the region.” Karam Abu Salem, “thus allowing Egypt's role and not entering into confrontation with them in this issue.”

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