Iran laid the foundation for the construction of the fourth nuclear reactor

Iran announced on Monday that it has started construction of a new nuclear research reactor in Isfahan, days after announcing the construction of a complex of nuclear power plants in the south.

“Today, the process of pouring concrete to lay the foundation of the reactor at the Isfahan site began,” Iranian news agency quoted Mohammad Islami, head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation, as saying.

The Isfahan Nuclear Research Center in central Iran consists of 3 reactors. The agency said a new research reactor with a capacity of 10 MW is being built to create a powerful neutron source.

He said it would have a variety of applications, including testing of fuel and nuclear materials, production of artificial radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals.

Besides Isfahan, Iran also has other research reactors near the industrial city of Arak and the capital Tehran.

A few days ago, Islami had talked about building 4 nuclear power plants in the south of the country.

The stations that will be built on the gulf in Hormozgan province are expected to generate 5,000 megawatts of electricity once the construction process is complete.

It is notable that Iran currently has an operational nuclear power plant in the coastal city of Bushehr, which was built in the 1970s with the help of German companies and later completed with Russian help.

Tehran has been under tough US sanctions since 2018, when former US President Donald Trump withdrew from the landmark nuclear deal that had eased sanctions in exchange for curbs on Iran's nuclear activities to prevent it from developing a nuclear bomb.

Iran has always denied that it has ambitions to develop nuclear weapons capability and claims that its activities are for peaceful purposes.

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