Internet cut off amid allegations of rapid support…fear of new crimes in Sudan

Sudanese human rights organizations and activists expressed concern that the Internet outage, which continued for the third consecutive day, would affect the humanitarian situation in the country and lead to new crimes.

The Mashad Center for Human Rights condemned “the steps taken by the Rapid Support militia to cut off communications networks and violate the main divisions of telecommunications companies in Khartoum”. He described it as a “gross violation of human rights” because “it causes serious harm to the daily lives of citizens.”

The Center expressed its concern that cutting of communications networks by Rapid Support Forces could “create a cover for crimes and violations” and threaten civilian lives and humanitarian intervention.

An expert and former official at the Sudanese Communications Authority told Al Jazeera that the Rapid Support Forces had already ordered the Sudanese and MTN communications companies to cut communications and internet services to 36 million customers in the country, as Sudatel fiber was cut off. Was unable to maintain. Optic network cable to Darfur due to war. Due to which many Darfur states were cut off from telecommunication and internet service.

The former Communications Authority official – who preferred to remain anonymous – confirmed that the Rapid Support Force controls the areas where the main servers of both companies are located, and warned that the problem goes beyond interruptions in communications and the Internet. Banking applications are affected, and key servers are randomly shut down or sabotaged, making them difficult to operate. Restart, and it could leave Sudan completely cut off from the world for a long period of time.

Sudanese and MTN suddenly announced network outage in the country without mentioning the reasons for the outage.

“We apologize for the current network outage, and our team is working with all its might to restore service as soon as possible to ensure your connections and communications,” MTN said in a post on Facebook on Friday. Is.”

Zain's network has been out of service in Port Sudan since Sunday, with fluctuations in different states, local media reported.

According to “NetBlocks”, network data showed outages at several internet service providers in Sudan, and connection levels dropped significantly, according to what the organization specializing in internet security reported on the X platform.

According to local “Radio Dabanga”, civilians in Darfur were forced to use satellite communications networks (Starlink) due to communications networks being disrupted for months in large parts of the region.

Journalist Khalid Ali wrote from his account

Another commented, “Cutting off the network means reduced access to civilians in conflict zones and a media blackout on the crimes of Rapid Support militias. They commit the worst crimes, and document them themselves before media exposure. So what if communication is cut off!”

Dr. Yasir Amin believes that cutting off communications in Sudan will inevitably mean “increasing the suffering of the people and crippling the ability of humanitarian organizations to work.”

The Sudanese American Doctors Association strongly condemned the communications cut, making it inaccessible to about 65% of Sudan's population.

The association said in a statement through its account

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