Infiltrations, raids and arrests in West Bank towns


Israeli occupation forces stormed several towns in the West Bank, and the raids were concentrated in the towns of Ya'abad south of Jenin city, Ramin east of Tulkarm city and Bidya in the west of Salfit Governorate.

The occupation forces also raided several houses and beat up youths, leading to clashes with resistance fighters, during which they threw explosive devices at occupation soldiers and vehicles.

Al Jazeera correspondent reported that Israeli occupation forces arrested three Palestinians in the town of Halhul, north of Hebron in the West Bank.

The reporter said that occupation forces raided several houses, searched them, and damaged a vehicle before withdrawing from the city.

In the city of Jenin, occupation forces arrested several leaders of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements in the town of Arrabah, southwest of the city.

This comes after occupation forces stormed the city, raiding homes, searching them and tampering with their contents.

Local Palestinian platforms published visuals documenting an attack by Israeli occupation forces on the town of Bidya, located west of the city of Salfit in the West Bank. Visuals documented the presence of occupation vehicles in city neighborhoods and the advance of reinforcements toward them.

Local Palestinian platforms also published video clips documenting the attack by occupation forces on the town of Halhul, located north of Hebron city, and documents documenting an increase in clashes between resistance fighters and occupation forces following the attack on the town of Sarra. Also published other clips. , located west of the city of Nablus in the West Bank. The sounds of gunfire can be clearly heard in the video clip.

The Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) said a young man was injured during clashes in the town.

The agency quoted Ahmed Jibril, director of the Red Crescent Ambulance and Emergency Center in Nablus, as saying that a young man (29 years old) was shot in the leg during clashes that followed the capture of the city.

Since the resistance began the Al-Aqsa flood fighting and the Israeli offensive on Gaza, the occupation has intensified its military operations in the West Bank and increased the pace of incursions and raids into Palestinian cities, towns and camps, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Were killed. Martyrs and thousands injured, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

On the other hand, the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission released its report regarding attacks by occupation forces and settlers January/last January.

The head of the authority said moyyad shaaban Occupation authorities and settlers carried out 1,593 attacks (of which 186 attacks were carried out by settlers), and violations were concentrated in Hebron Governorate, followed by captured Jerusalem and Nablus.

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