Horrifying testimony of Israel's brutal torture and torture of Gaza detainees

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said it has received new testimony from the Gaza Strip about Palestinian detainees – including women and children – facing severe torture and treatment that undermines human dignity, Which includes nudity and sexual harassment or threats thereof. Calling for urgent international action to stop these violations.

The Observatory reported that its teams received testimony from a group of detainees released during the past few days, after spending several periods in detention, in which they spoke about being exposed to harsh practices, including “brutal and “Retaliation” included beatings. methods, including releasing dogs on them, ghosting them for long periods of time, and removing their clothes in such a way as to deter them. Completely, depriving them of food and going to the bathroom.

The Observatory indicated that the most damning evidence it received was of direct sexual harassment of female detainees, stating that several female detainees reported that “Israeli soldiers harassed them, including placing their hands on their private parts and forcing them to strip naked.” Coercion was involved.” Remove her hijab.”

The Observatory said soldiers also used threats of rape and indecent assault as part of a process of torture and blackmail to force female detainees, men and their families to provide information about others.

The Observatory said reports published by Israeli media about the facility detaining Palestinians from the Gaza Strip “indicate its recognition of systematic torture and its disregard for human rights conventions that criminalize torture.”

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory indicated that the report showed detainees were shackled and forced to sit on the ground in humiliating positions in the middle of an iron cage, similar to animal cages, As previously announced by Israel. Defense Minister Yoav Galant said Palestinians in Gaza were being treated like “animals”.

shocking testimony

“M.N.” (70 years old – who requested to remain anonymous) said: “They arrested me from my home in the al-Amal neighborhood, west of Khan Younis. I told them I was sick and could not move, but they did Don't care. They forced me to take off my clothes. They took me to a demolished house. I felt like I was being used as a shield.” Humanely, they later arrested more people and took us through a harsh torturous journey to a detention center. Which includes an iron cage.”

He further said, “Every day we were beaten and humiliated. We did not drink water for 4 days inside the jail. They poured water on the ground in front of us, they tortured us until we were thirsty. Every We remained sitting there all the time.” We knelt, ate a little, and went to the bathroom once, and the ghost repeatedly fell over the fence and tied up.” “Hands up.”

As for “KHN”, he said, “They arrested me at the checkpoint and forced me to take off my clothes. I was beaten badly. We were covered with blankets filled with water. We were unnatural They were cold in appearance and did not drink water.” He further said, “The army transferred us to another place. We were subjected to different tortures. The torture procedure was different everywhere. The officer used to hit me on the head and when I complained, he used to beat me more.” .I couldn't do that.” “Sleep because it's cold.”

M.W. Said: “They arrested me from Beit Lahiya, forced me to completely disrobe, detained me in the open with severe beatings, molested my body with their hands, and forced me to the roof by my feet. I was subjected to Shabeh for 4 days for 6 hours a day.” She said: “They threatened to rape my family, and asked for information I didn't know. They were forcing us to insult certain factions and personalities and cheer for Israel, and to say that the dog that is allowed to bite us is the crown on our heads.”

“G” reported: “They arrested me at the checkpoint on Salah al-Din Road during my displacement. They told me to go to a sandy pier, where they blindfolded me, forced me with their hands Searched and asked. They told me about Hamas and the tunnels, then they took me to an open place, then they took me to a detention center. They forced me, I took off my clothes. There were soldiers watching. And making mean comments. They only gave me “tring” (home clothes) and no underwear to wear.

He said: “In detention, I was interrogated several times. Each time before that, I was stripped naked by female soldiers who put their hands on me and surrounded me, and the soldiers would sometimes look and comment. There were harsh insults that I couldn't say, and threats of indecent assault.”

forced disappearance

The Observatory said Israeli forces continue to forcibly conceal detainees and subject them to torture and brutal violence from the moment of arrest until the moment of release of some of them.

He recalled that human rights organizations – including Israeli ones – tried to obtain information about detainees from Gaza, but their requests were rejected by the Israeli authorities, and it became clear that detainees from Gaza were being held by Israel. Are being kept in the new detention centers established. Troops at various locations in the Negev and Jerusalem. In addition to the crime of enforced disappearance, detainees are subjected to severe forms of torture, ill-treatment, and deprivation of food and water.

The Observatory indicated that Israeli forces detain detainees for long periods of time for no apparent reason, treat them with harsh treatment that diminishes their dignity, and deliberately humiliate them, in addition to subjecting them to anti-Israel slogans. and insults and curses Palestinian groups and figures. ,

He confirmed that some detainees were subjected to bargaining and blackmail operations to reduce their torture or obtain certain privileges and cooperate with the army and the Israeli Shin Bet in exchange for their release.

He pointed out that there is no exact number of detainees from Gaza, while the Israeli occupation forces recently announced that the number of detainees was 2,300, while estimates indicate that the number of detainees – based on the testimony of those released Depending on – it is much more than that, and the amount is several thousand.

The Observatory indicated that the “Sde Teman” camp, which is run by the Israeli military, and located between the cities of Beersheba and Gaza, and where the majority of detainees from the Gaza Strip are held, “has been transformed into a new Guantanamo.” Prison in which the dignity of prisoners is violated and the worst forms of torture and ill-treatment are used against them by depriving them of food and treatment.

war crimes

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory said it had received previous testimony about the deaths of two detainees inside the “SD Teman” camp, one of whom had his leg amputated, and that Israel had not officially announced their deaths.

The Observatory called on Israel to immediately disclose the fate of the detainees who have been forcibly disappeared, disclose their names and whereabouts, and take full responsibility for their protection and immediately stop torture and ill-treatment.

The Observatory stressed that Israel's practice of these brutal attacks against Palestinian detainees “constitutes the crime of torture and inhumane treatment, which are crimes within the scope of war crimes and crimes against humanity,” according to the Rome Statute of the International According to the criminal court.

The Observatory noted that “these violations come in the context of the crime of genocide committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip since October 7”.

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor called on the International Committee of the Red Cross to take up its responsibilities and verify the situation of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons and the conditions of their detention.

He urged the UN Rapporteur on torture and the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention to immediately and impartially investigate the circumstances of the deaths of all detainees killed in Israeli prisons since Israel began its war on the Gaza Strip and taking appropriate steps to hold those responsible accountable and provide justice to the victims.

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