Honda unveils two electric concept cars

Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company has unveiled two concept cars under Honda's Zero Electric series, which will hit the market in 2026.

Both the cars were unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 held in Las Vegas, United States and had exclusive coverage by the “Smart Life” program.

The two fully electric cars are the Honda Salon and the Space Hop, which are the largest and most versatile.

The saloon car model is characterized by the fact that it is based on a special electric platform from Honda, and comes with a sporty, futuristic design, a low chassis and an interior cabin that offers a spacious interior space, with one door Which opens towards the front. And rear seats.

The interior cabin, which is simple in design, consists of a dashboard that extends from the right corner to the left corner.

The Japanese company did not provide any specifications regarding range or performance, but says the saloon model will use sustainable, renewable materials inside and out.

As for the “Spacehop”, it is an electric bus with a futuristic space design with multiple glass facades.

The company promises that its “Zero” series electric vehicles will come with advanced capabilities in automated driving and communication technology, in addition to better performance and battery efficiency.

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