Fidan: Israel does not seem excited about the ceasefire in Gaza

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said Israel is holding Gaza residents hostage, noting that Tel Aviv appears to be “unhappy” about a permanent ceasefire in the strip.

Yesterday, in a statement given to a local channel on Sunday, Fidan confirmed that the people of Gaza are now hostages, because Israel detains them in a specific geographical area and does not allow humanitarian aid to enter, that Bombs some of the aid, destroying the infrastructure. and cuts off electricity, water and communications.

Turkey's foreign minister said more than two million people in Gaza face the threat of hunger and epidemic diseases.

On the other hand, Fidan said that Israel does not want to gain security but rather acquire more land, and stressed that it “will be secure the day it gives the Palestinians their state.”

He stressed that the temporary measures decision issued by the International Court of Justice against Israel in the case of genocide is very important, stressing the need to stop the genocide in Gaza first of all, otherwise if the violence is not stopped, tragedy will occur. Repeat yourself.

Fidan said that a proposal for a ceasefire agreement is currently on the table, and that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is now evaluating it, noting that one of Hamas' goals is to reciprocate the release of prisoners and detainees in exchange for a permanent ceasefire. Have to release.

“However, Israel does not appear to be enthusiastic about a permanent ceasefire,” the Turkish minister said.

He said Turkey is holding intelligence and diplomatic talks with the parties in various formats, pointing out that it prefers a ceasefire as soon as possible. He stressed the need to take action to support the two-state solution.

Turkey's Foreign Minister called for protecting the region from the dangers of increasing confrontation between Iran and the United States. “The situation is not good,” he said.

The devastating Israeli war on the Gaza Strip has been going on for more than 4 months (Anatolia)

Normalization with Egypt and Syria

In another context, Fidan pointed out that the process of normalizing relations with Egypt has been “largely completed” and that both countries have “benefited from it”, adding that the people of Turkey and Egypt are bound by historical ties. -are connected to each other.

He stressed that bilateral relations between Turkey and Egypt are very important in terms of regional security and trade relations. He pointed out that there are many Turkish investors in Egypt, and said Ankara has a desire to increase investment there.

Fidan also stressed the importance of Egypt's role at the regional level, especially with regard to the Palestinian issue. He pointed out the importance of normalizing relations so that Cairo can receive specific support and specific technologies, saying, “We have an agreement that stipulates that Turkey will provide drones and other technologies.”

He also stressed the importance of the two countries' cooperation in Africa, especially in Libya, noting that whenever relations with Egypt are normalized, it will have a significant positive impact, especially on policies in Libya. He also stressed the importance of achieving serious cooperation between Turkey and Egypt regarding “the security of the Mediterranean Sea”.

Fidan also touched upon the negotiations taking place between his country and the Syrian regime from time to time through various channels.

He said that “the Syrian regime's attempt to impose diplomatic measures by imposing preconditions on Turkey is the wrong approach.”

The Turkish minister stressed his country's support for Syria's territorial integrity as two neighboring countries, and said Turkey has not made any efforts that contradict the Astana process.

He stressed that “the Syrian regime is still unable to meet with Turkey for various reasons, and even when they meet with us they are not as usual.”

The Turkish Foreign Minister said, “There was no opportunity to have a bilateral meeting with the Syrian regime, and there is always another country on its side.”

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