Bombing exchange in southern Lebanon and Israel warns that “time for agreement is running out”

Mutual shelling between Lebanese Hezbollah and Israel continued on Monday on both sides of the border, while Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said “time is running out” to reach a diplomatic solution.

Al Jazeera's correspondent reported that Israeli forces carried out raids on the Labouneh area and the city of al-Jabain in southern Lebanon, while its artillery bombed around the cities of Rashaya al-Fakhr, al-Fardis, Merkaba, Shebaa, Kafr Hamam. , Tire Harfa, and al-Dahira.

On the other hand, 3 rockets were fired from southern Lebanon towards Israeli military sites in the occupied Kafr Shuba hills, in addition to 5 rockets from the central border area towards Israeli sites in the Upper Galilee.

Hezbollah said that this afternoon, its fighters bombed the al-Samaqa and Ruwaisat al-Alam sites in the Kafr Shuba hills and Shebaa Farms with missile weapons and carried out direct attacks.

This morning, the party expressed condolences over its 3 fighters, saying they “rose as martyrs on the road to Jerusalem.”

Yesterday, Sunday, the party announced that it attacked 6 sites and gatherings of Israeli soldiers on the southern Lebanese border.

Sigourney (right) listening to the explanation of her Israeli counterpart in Jerusalem (European)

Politically, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said during a meeting with his French counterpart Stéphane Segournet in Jerusalem that “time is running out” to reach a diplomatic solution in southern Lebanon.

According to an Israeli Foreign Ministry statement, Katz said that if no diplomatic solution is reached, “Israel will take military steps to return residents driven from their homes to the northern border area.”

Hezbollah entered into conflict with Israel on 7 October following the Al-Aqsa flooding operation and the outbreak of the Israeli war on Gaza.

Authorities were forced to evacuate thousands of Israelis from settlements and towns near the Lebanese border.

Israeli officials threatened to launch a large-scale military operation to remove Hezbollah fighters from the border beyond the Litani River if no agreement was reached, while the party reacted strongly.

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