Washington's raids will not bring peace… Wall Street: Gaza ceasefire ensures this

The Wall Street Journal said US military-initiated aerial bombardment of sites of pro-Iranian armed groups in the Middle East may be less effective in calming tensions in the region than the agreement that ended fighting between Israel and the Islamic resistance movement. Prevents. (Hamas).

According to the newspaper report, the US retaliatory strikes in response to the killing of three US soldiers at a military base in northeastern Jordan were carefully planned to prevent attacks on US forces in the Middle East without pushing Iran into direct conflict.

Whatever the response to the bombing, it is unlikely to deter Iran's allies from launching further attacks against American and Israeli interests. However, analysts and officials in the region the newspaper spoke to believe a ceasefire is needed in the Gaza Strip to stop these attacks.

US forces on Friday launched strikes on sites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Quds Force in Syria and Iraq in response to the killing of three soldiers, amid warnings that the region could be dragged into war.

US Central Command announced that the attacks were carried out by aircraft launched from the United States, including long-range bombers, noting that more than 125 precision-guided missiles were used.

It said the targeted facilities were command, control and espionage centers and storage sites for missiles and drones.

There have been more than 160 attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria since the war in Gaza began, representing a sharp escalation in a slowly worsening conflict in which militants aim to drive the United States out of the territory. Wall Street Journal.

The American newspaper cites the war that Israel launched in the Gaza Strip after the attack of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on southern Israel as the reason for the instigation of the raging conflict between the United States and “groups of militias allied with Iran.” . October 7, 2023, which came… in response to the ongoing Israeli violation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and ongoing incursions into cities and towns in the West Bank.

There are major obstacles preventing both sides (the Israeli occupation and Hamas) from agreeing to a deal to stop the war, particularly internal divisions within Israel over acceptance of its terms.

Since the Israeli attack on Gaza, Lebanese Hezbollah has also been engaged in firing on Israel's northern border. Attacks by the Iran-backed Houthis have severely disrupted international shipping traffic in the Red Sea, prompting the United States to launch airstrikes on territory controlled by the group in Yemen.

The two groups – Hezbollah and the Houthis – declared that they would not stop fighting until Israel stopped its aggression against the Gaza Strip.

The newspaper reported that the war in Gaza, which has claimed the lives of 27,000 people – most of them women and children – has put the administration of US President Joe Biden under greater pressure to achieve its twin political goals, which are to end the conflict in Gaza. There is a ceasefire. This will lead to the release of prisoners. Israelis detained by Hamas.

The United States is pushing a proposal that would initially halt the war for six weeks to free the hostages and pave the way for a more lasting peace.

However, the newspaper says there are major obstacles preventing both sides from agreeing to a deal, particularly internal differences over whether to accept its terms.

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