“Vision Pro” is a virtual reality helmet from Apple in the US market

Technology lovers and enthusiasts of Apple products lined up in front of the giant brand's store in the United States on Friday to test “Vision Pro”, a helmet that combines augmented and virtual reality and at a starting price of $3,499. Is sold. To Agence France-Presse.

The agency said it is the first new major product launched by Apple since the Apple Watch smart watch nine years ago.

Jose Carlos, one of the people standing in line to get the helmet, says with a broad smile, “I'm looking forward to trying the helmet”, and “I will use it at work and while traveling as well.” This young engineer on the Uber platform adds, “The price is high, but I am willing to pay the price to be the first to come in and test the application ideas I have.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed on Thursday that “the Vision Pro is a revolutionary device… years ahead of its competitors”. However, augmented reality glasses and virtual or mixed reality helmets are not new.

Apple's competitor “Meta” group in Silicon Valley (which notably owns Facebook and Instagram) significantly contributed to the emergence of this market through its “Quest” helmets and Internet-connected “Ray-Ban” smart glasses. Is. , Mark Zuckerberg, president of the Metaverse, believes that the Metaverse – a world in which physical and digital environments blend – will be the future of the Internet.

But many companies, experts and individuals were eagerly waiting for the first Apple device in this world, and the company has a good reputation for launching highly advanced products that are an example for other companies in this field.

“Technology of yesterday…and today”

Tim Cook arrived at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York on Friday to welcome the first customers to the applause of employees. “This is the technology of yesterday and today,” he told ABC News, “We believe we have set a fair price for the helmet at this time.”

First comments were mixed. In a New York Times article, a commentator said: “It's an impressive product, and it took years of work and billions of dollars of investment,” but “Even after trying it, I still have no idea how it works.” Who will use it and for what purpose.”

Those who tested the new product say they were thrilled with the image quality and ease of use, as it is enough to stare at an application and make a simple movement of the fingers to open or close it. But they are troubled by the large battery size, and mock the avatar method called personas, which are strange, realistically rendered avatars that represent users during video conferences.

Wall Street Journal journalist Joanna Stern wrote, “The helmet has the typical characteristics of a first-generation product: It's heavy, the battery drains quickly, and it's an avatar.” He added, “But without these disadvantages, we can imagine that wearing this helmet would be more enjoyable than holding the phone. And for work and watching movies, it's actually not bad.”

The iPhone maker bills this helmet as its first foray into the field of “spatial computing.” It allows users to use virtual screens of different sizes around them to work, chat with friends or watch videos.

“just the beginning”

After Apple was criticized for the lack of applications available on the Vision Pro, as the number was recently estimated at 150 applications, the company announced that the helmet now includes over 600 applications.

“These amazing applications will change the way we enjoy entertainment, music, and games,” promised Susan Prescott, Apple's vice president of Global Developer Relations.

Very popular platforms, such as Netflix or YouTube, have opted not to design dedicated applications for “Vision Pro” at the present time, unlike Disney, which has provided 150 3D movies since its launch.

The Vision Pro can be tested by appointment at Apple Stores in the United States to help consumers learn about the new product. Analysts at Wedbush Securities, which specializes in market research, expect Apple to sell about 600,000 units of the product this year.

“This is just the beginning for Vision Pro,” said Dan Ives, an expert at the research firm. He hoped that “the next version of the Vision Pro will be much less expensive, at a price closer to $2,000,” adding, “We also believe that future models will be similar to sunglasses and will offer a wider range of functions for users.” Will provide the series.”

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