The secret of saving 3 penalty kicks by Qatar national team goalkeeper Barshim in the Asian Cup quarter-finals

Doha“I did my duty, studied my opponents, maintained my focus and was successful.” With these words, Qatar national team goalkeeper Mishal Barshim revealed the secret of saving three penalty kicks against Uzbekistan in the quarter-finals. Asian Football Cup, which led his country to the semi-finals.

Barshim's save on a penalty kick in the Uzbekistan match did not come out of nowhere, but came after great effort and work, whether on himself physically and mentally, or on reading and studying opponents and anticipating their shooting trends.

With his three saves, Barshim set a record that had never been achieved before in the history of the Asian Cup, which began in 1956, as no goalkeeper had ever saved three penalty kicks in a match, and when the missed kick was saved The number increased to 3 or more, the goalkeepers' saves did not exceed the handicap of two.


By saving 3 penalty kicks in a major continental tournament, Barshim repeated the feat of Portuguese goalkeeper Ricardo, who led his country to victory over England (3–1) in the quarter-finals of the 2006 World Cup in Germany, as well as Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. The achievement of which led his country to victory over Portugal (3. – nil) and qualified for the final of the Confederations Cup in Russia 2017.

Barshim explained that penalty kicks involve luck, expectation and reading, and he was lucky and crowned his teammates' efforts by winning, especially since everyone did their best and did not fall short, and some of their own. Was biased against and played injured.

In response to a question from Al Jazeera Net during the press conference for the best player in the match, about the circumstances of saving the last two kicks, Barshim revealed that there had been a “clash” with the winning Uzbekistan player Jafarmurd Abdurakhmatov. In the fourth penalty kick, Joe tried to take him out of concentration before shooting, which excited him and made him more determined and focused, and he succeeded in stopping the kick and giving him a warning.

The goalkeeper of the Qatari Al-Sadd team continued that he focuses on studying the elements of the opposing team's attack before the match. He also knows the fifth penalty kick kicker Jalaluddin Masharipov well, and he previously played against him in the AFC Champions League when he was playing at Al-Nassr Saudi Arabia, and so he studied him well, and hopefully That he shot in the middle of the goal, so he did not move and waited for the ball and blocked it.

Barshim performed brilliantly in the penalty shootout against Uzbekistan, taking five shots. Relying on his anticipation and understanding of his opponents, his great agility and the speed of his reaction, he managed to stop 3 of them.

Qatari players celebrate after qualifying for the semi-finals of the Asian Championship (Al Jazeera)
Qatari players celebrate after qualifying for the Asian Cup semi-finals (Al Jazeera)

heart of a man

This was not the first time that Barshim (25 years old) was successful in saving a penalty kick, earlier he had led Qatar to victory over Egypt in the Arab Championship on penalty kicks (5-4), and he was also successful in saving a penalty. A kick taken by Alexis Sanchez during a friendly match between Qatar and Chile.

The Qatar national team goalkeeper believes that qualifying for the semi-finals and continuing the campaign to defend the continental title is the result of the specific atmosphere among the national team players, as everyone plays with an individual heart and Gives his best. ,

Barshim stressed that the feeling of their victory was indescribable, especially since the opponent was stronger, pointing to the role of the Qatari fans gathered at the stadium, which is the basic element in every victory achieved by the team.

He believed that facing the Iranian national team in the semi-finals would not be easy at all, but to continue the journey, defend the title and win the title, one would have to prepare well for it physically and mentally and continue fighting on the field . Fans happy.

Lopez, we will try to perform better against the Iranian national team (Al Jazeera)
Lopez, we will try to perform better against the Iranian national team in the semi-finals (Al Jazeera)

switch heads

In turn, Spanish coach Bartolomé Márquez López noted the manly performance of all the players during the Uzbekistan match and their fight on the field, praising the great support of the fans, especially in light of facing a physically stronger team. A major contribution in which he played a role in motivating the players, as he congratulated them on the victory, and asked them to continue their support. During the Iran match.

“It is crazy and unfair for someone to ask me about the legality of replacing Hassan Al-Haydouas, at a time when the national team has qualified for the semi-finals. These types of questions are not important,” López said during the press conference. Are.” ,

Lopez described the job of coaching Qatar and leading the national team to the semi-finals just days before the start of the continental championship as an achievement, but he stressed that the job is not over yet and there are two matches left to win. Won the title and retained it for the second consecutive time.

He believed that it would be difficult to face the Iranian national team in the semi-finals, but he stressed the players' eagerness to first recover after the great effort made against Uzbekistan, and then to study the opponent and look for the best. Emphasized on working. Today.

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