Second round of local elections begins in Tunisia

The second round of local elections in Tunisia began this Sunday morning to elect members of the second house of parliament, in accordance with the electoral system approved by the constitution.

This round is dedicated to electing one of the candidates who did not get a majority in the first round held on December 24 last year.

The Supreme Election Authority said half of the registered voters are interested in participating in this round as the results were decided in the remaining districts in the first round.

It also announced that all polling stations in the second round of local council elections were opened on time (today) without any delay.

In press statements during the announcement of the final results of the first round, Farouk Bouskar, head of the Independent High Authority for Elections, said that the second round covers 254 local councils and 779 electoral districts, and the number of candidates is 1,558, including 160. Women.

According to the Supreme Election Authority, the number of winners in the first round reached 1,349 out of a total of 7,205 candidates, including 6,177 candidates for the direct election and 1,028 candidates for the lottery process for 279 seats designated for people with disabilities. As one seat in each local council.

According to the Commission, one million 74 thousand and 880 voters participated in the first round, a percentage of only 11.84% of the number of voters registered in the electoral lists, which prompted opposition parties to consider it “a farce”. stopped.”

Several opposition parties boycotted it, including the National Salvation Front, the Workers' Party, and the Afek Tunis Party. While loyalist parties including the People's Movement, Tunisia Forward Movement and the Popular Movement expressed their support.

Since July 25, 2021, the country is witnessing a political crisis, when President Kais Saied took measures including dissolving the Judicial Council and Parliament, issuing laws by presidential orders, approving a new constitution through referendum in July 2022 Started implementing extraordinary measures. Holding assembly elections early in December. December of the same year, and the previous January.

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