Netanyahu acknowledges differences and insists: I don't need anyone's help in my relations with Washington

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday he does not need help dealing with Tel Aviv's relations with the United States.

It came in a speech during the Israeli government's weekly meeting, which he posted on his account on the X platform, in which he criticized extremist Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir, without naming him.

Netanyahu claimed that as he said, Israeli parties seek appeasement either inside or outside at the expense of Israel's vital interests and national security.

Earlier on Sunday, Ben Gvir told the Wall Street Journal that he believes the administration of US President Joe Biden is harming Israel's war efforts. He believed that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would give Israel a free hand to eliminate Hamas.

Ben Gvir said, “(Biden) instead of providing us with full support, he is busy providing humanitarian aid and fuel to Gaza, which goes to Hamas. If Trump were in power, the behavior of the United States would be completely Would have been different from.”

In response, Netanyahu said, “Israel is a sovereign state, and we greatly appreciate the support we have received from the Biden administration since the war began.” He said US support was represented in the form of ammunition, international institutions, sending troops to the region and other things.

acceptance of differences

Netanyahu further said, “This does not mean that there are no differences with the United States, but to date we have been successful in overcoming them with thoughtful decisions.”

He said, “I don't need help figuring out how to deal with our relations with the United States and the international community while firmly asserting our vital interests.”

Regarding decisions to be taken by Tel Aviv in the future, Netanyahu said, “As a sovereign state fighting for its survival and its future, we make our own decisions, even in cases where our There is no compromise with American friends.”

He added, “We will not end the war without achieving all of its goals: eliminating Hamas, returning all of our kidnappers, and ensuring that Gaza does not pose a threat to Israel in the future.”

Netanyahu explained, “Efforts for the release of our kidnapped people are ongoing all the time. Many things are being said in the media as if we agree with them, such as regarding the release of terrorists. We will not agree to this, without and More details.”

He recognized that the United Nations Relief and Works Organization for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) “is not part of the solution, but a major part of the problem.”

He concluded his statement by saying, “It is time to begin the process of replacing UNRWA with other bodies that are not involved in supporting terrorism,” as he put it.

As of January 26, 18 countries and the European Union have decided to suspend their funding for UNRWA, based on Israel's allegations that 12 of the agency's staff were killed in a Hamas attack on Israeli settlements adjacent to Gaza on October 7, 2023. Had participated.

The Western announcements came hours after the International Court of Justice in The Hague announced its rejection of Israel's demands to drop the genocide case brought against it by South Africa in Gaza, and called on Tel Aviv to take measures to stop the genocide and bring Gave a decision to bind him temporarily. In humanitarian aid.

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