Military expert: Yemen has become a regional power and America must stop its aggression

Sana- A new wave of strong and violent US-British raids shook the Yemeni capital Sanaa at midnight on Sunday and disturbed the peace of civilians, while the Ansar Allah Houthi group's military spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saari, Reiterated that these “attacks will not go without response or punishment.”

Yemeni sources reported that American-British aircraft carried out 48 airstrikes during the past hours, distributed as follows:

  • 13 raids were conducted in and around the capital Sanaa, targeting missile camps in “Jabal Attan,” “Jabal Nuqm,” and “Jabal al-Nahdain” near the presidential palace.
  • 9 raids were carried out on al-Hudaydah Governorate, including al-Durahimi and al-Lahiya districts.
  • 11 raids were carried out on Taiz Governorate, attacking al-Barah and Haifan areas, targeting military sites there.
  • 7 raids on al-Bayda Governorate, military sites also attacked.
  • 7 raids on Hajja Governorate.
  • A raid on Saada Governorate The previous day, two raids were carried out targeting military sites.

Military expert Colonel Rashad al-Wateiri considered the American-British targeting “aggression against the sovereignty of the Republic of Yemen and the Yemeni people” and said the continuation and expansion of the aggression is evidence of “the capability of our naval forces.” Successfully manage the battle in the Red Sea, penetrate and surround the Israeli enemy, and prevent ships from reaching the ports of occupied Palestine.

Colonel al-Wateiri said in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net that US-British attacks on the capital, Sanaa and other governorates would draw an immediate response by expanding the scope of the attacks, and increasing “the circle of targeting US interests.” reported that “Yemeni's response to US aggression has emboldened all Arab parties in the region, and emboldened them to target its positions and forces.”

Colonel Rashad Al-Watiri
Colonel Rashad al-Wateiri: This will expand the scope of targeting US interests (Al-Jazeera)

regional power

Colonel al-Wateiri believes that “Yemen has emerged as a regional power with the element of surprise, threat and shock, which has lured the Israelis, Americans and British into the Red Sea. It seems that it is Unable to protect.” ships and warships, and is carrying out its aggression against Yemen to establish dominance and take revenge, and is talking about reducing the capabilities of our armed forces.”

Al-Wateiri said, “The US is the one that is taking the region into a broader regional war, and as long as the US and its allies Britain and their allies continue to attack the people of the Arab region, there will be a Third World War. “Can spill.” And will continue to support the Zionist entity's war on the Gaza Strip and its crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people.”

For his part, Brigadier General Abed Muhammad al-Thawer, one of the senior officials of the moral guidance department of the armed forces in Sanaa, pointed out that “wherever the US military tries to be present in the Red Sea, their warships and fleets are easy targets. We do not want to increase the level of military escalation in the region, because it is not in our interest.'' He said, ''It is not in the interest of America, which is now trying to trap other countries of the world. “

He further said, “Today we have reached the position of having all types of ballistic missiles: strategic, cruised and naval, and these can deal with any warship, whether stationary or mobile.”

He promised that “the United States and Britain will attack our country and bomb the capital Sanaa and other Yemeni cities,” adding that “any escalation from Washington and London will be responded to by everyone around us and the United States.” The place would increase against America's interests.” America started the war and we are the ones who will end it.”

Brigadier General Abed al-Thawer: Yemen has all strategic, cruise and naval (European) types of ballistic missiles.

warning to countries

“We have warned the countries bordering the Red Sea not to allow their territorial waters or airspace to be used for aggression against our country,” Brigadier General Abed al-Thour said in an interview with Al Jazeera Net. Don't, and if they allow it, we will do it.” Treat these countries as a party to the fight and war.”

In response to the question: “Are you not afraid of the dangers of escalating tensions in Yemen?” He said that the United States “wants to impose its hegemony on the Red Sea,” and stressed that “Yemen will not allow this, and we will not allow the Red Sea to become a Jewish lake, and today the Zionist entity's strategic presence in the Red Sea The depth has ended. It has ended passing from Jizan to Bab al-Mandab.” Even the area of ​​about 420 kilometers in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea is under our control, and we will not allow anyone. Presence of America or Israel there.”

Regarding reports that US-British strikes destroyed 30% of the Houthis' missile and drone capabilities, the brigadier general downplayed their impact, saying “They failed and achieved nothing. If they Had that been true, we would not have been able to continue attacking ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden with missiles.” today also”.

yemen is a pole

Brigadier General Abed al-Tawar believes that the United States is no longer the only pole in the world. Today, “Yemen has become a recognized Arab pole, and the US or Britain cannot ignore this Arab pole, and it can secure international corridors and navigation.”

Regarding future “scenarios” and saying that the US and Britain may have a second plan to confront the Houthis, which is to control the Yemeni coast, especially the city and port of Hodeidah, he said, “Let us leave poor old Britain aside, for it is no longer capable of possessing the necessary military capabilities.”

He further said, “We can sink American warships in the Red Sea, but we are dealing with extreme sensitivities, and we know that phase is complex and sensitive. We do not want to expand the scope of the battle, but if the American And if the British expand it, we will definitely increase the scope of targeting them and they will suffer the biggest loss.”

He said, “We know that America is a superpower that has weapons with which it can destroy the world, but we will defend with our capabilities and capabilities, and we are confident in ourselves and our military capabilities, and Yemen “The nature of our land is unlike Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The geography gives us the capacity and capability to fight for long decades and achieve victory.”

“You will melt into the sea”

Brigadier General Abed al-Tawar responded to the possibility of a US-British ground action via Yemeni forces towards the Houthis-controlled coasts, saying, “If the US could not protect its warships and ships at sea, it would How will it work on the coast and on the Yemeni mainland?”

He added, “And if its military bases on the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border are targeted and people are killed and injured, despite the fact that it has advanced air defenses and controls the geography of these countries , So how can he think about controlling it.” off the coasts of Yemen, when it is unable to control a portion of the waters? “Territory? If it had been able, it would have done so a long time ago.”

He further said, “The US knows that Yemen is another country, and we are not like others who have taken over it. Our geography and land are mostly mountainous, and the US has been trying to destroy the Yemeni coast and sea before reaching the land. Will merge into.” , and they will not tolerate any land confrontation, and Yemen will not be an easy prey, but their graveyard.

And if it was helpless at sea, as he said, “is it fair that it would be better off on land? For your information, the American soldier is the most cowardly fighter in the world. He is dependent on the arsenal he has. As far as “The thing is about the Yemeni fighter, the moral and physical structure he has honed over the years is what qualifies him.” “And the ability to deal with the world's most powerful armies.”

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