Jordan: Continued aggression on Gaza increases risk of war

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi warned of the danger of an escalation of the war, noting that Israeli aggression on Gaza is increasing every day, and the need to initiate urgent international action to stop the war and the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe it is causing. Stressed on.

It came during Safadi's meeting with his French counterpart Stephane Segournet, who is on an official visit to Jordan as part of a tour that began in Egypt, his first since taking office.

According to the Jordanian Foreign Ministry statement, the two ministers discussed efforts to reach a complete ceasefire in Gaza, ensure the protection of civilians, and continue joint efforts to deliver adequate and sustainable humanitarian assistance to all parts of the strip.

The Jordanian and French sides stressed their position of rejecting the displacement of Palestinians into or out of their lands, and they also discussed the “alarming escalation taking place in the West Bank”, where al-Safadi described “illegal and illegal Israeli settlements.” Emphasized the need to stop. “Measures that undermine all prospects of achieving a two-state solution and peace.”

UNRWA case

Al-Safadi also stressed the need for the international community to continue providing assistance to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

In turn, Sigournet said that UNRWA is considered one of the main parties in Gaza, especially at a time when the humanitarian situation is worsening, “and France has not stopped its support for UNRWA, and the First Third No additional funding has been earmarked for this year.

But the French minister said “UNRWA must show the highest level of transparency following the serious allegations against it,” adding that his country was awaiting the findings and recommendations of the investigation to ensure full confidence in it. ,

18 countries, led by the United States in addition to the European Union, decided to suspend their funding to UNRWA based on Israeli allegations that 12 of the agency's employees were killed in the Al-Aqsa flooding operation launched by the Palestinian resistance led by al-Qaeda. Had participated. -The Qassam Brigades attacked Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023.

As of Sunday, the Israeli war on Gaza has resulted in 27,365 martyrs and 66,630 wounded — the majority of whom were children and women — according to Palestinian officials, according to the United Nations, and has caused massive destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

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