Indifference and hatred… the danger of getting used to war in Gaza

It is not possible for a person to keep his feelings burning all the time about what is happening to him or around him, nor for him to keep the passions alert, present interest, and caring without experiencing something. May be able to maintain constant. Boredom or indifference, and perhaps hatred when it weighs upon his soul and settles on his chest, and he sees that it is causing pain that he cannot bear.

This psychological and nervous state applies to major events that a person experiences or is experiencing, including, of course, wars, which attract attention and occupy the mind when they begin. Take, and people become the subject of discussion morning and evening, and then they soon lose their charm gradually, until they become the subject of fact. Or cool daily habits.

The Israeli war on the Gaza Strip is no exception to this rule, which we have seen more recently in the civil war in Sudan between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, and the Russian-Ukrainian war, which the world as a whole saw in its early days. It topped the headlines of news agencies, newspapers and television news channels, then moved to the back, and was preceded by a number of news items including miscellaneous stories, anecdotes and melodramas.

Mixed feelings

Undoubtedly, this happens with people who follow wars from a distance, and from the first moment they are not united in their feelings, their understanding and their reaction to them. As for those who are consumed by the fire of war, when they hear the bombardment of planes and artillery, the rumble of tanks, the sound of rifle bullets and machine guns, they carry the wounded to hospitals, and The dead are taken to cemeteries. , his interest can neither grow cold nor grow old, for every moment produces from the heart a painful story of fire and destruction.

Even those who are at the center of the fighting are getting used to its bloody chapters, it is a matter of patience, fortitude, perseverance and positive stubbornness, because a regular army cannot continue fighting with tired men behind it. The wage of guerrilla warfare increases, as it desperately needs a popular incubator. She is patient, strengthens him, and provides him many reasons to be able to continue fighting.

As for those who are outside the war, they become somewhat apathetic, and perhaps dull, as the days go by and the same or similar news is repeated. If a different event occurs during the war, the people will return to the war, and then they will return to where they were, unless another similar event occurs.

This rule applies to what is happening in Gaza, even though it is a “genocide” whose guilt is confirmed every day. There are no longer slogans against the war in the streets, as there were in the first weeks, and people are no longer as engaged on social media as they used to be, and many television screens are busy sharing and showing other news and attention to Gaza. But we have come. The public, and people no longer often mention it in gossip. General daily use in homes, cafes and work offices.

flash war

Apart from the underlying psychological factors that prevent a person from completely immersing himself in the phenomenon that he witnesses non-stop day and night, there are many factors related to the war on the Palestinian people in Gaza, this time more than any previous time. More so, due to differences in the degree of conflict in terms of breadth, depth and time duration.

There is a habit of quick or brief wars between Arabs and Israelis, as had happened in all previous rounds. The longest wars among them were the war on Gaza in 2014 and the war on Lebanon in the summer of 2006. This time, the war is approaching its fourth month, in light of Israel's talk that it will not stop until Tel Aviv achieves its goals, and the counter-resistance's insistence that it will not end without being weakened. ready to resist. His capacity for retreat to the extent of retreat, or his resolve to the extent of surrender, or even acceptance of loss.

This announcement and other announcements contradicting it made people realize that they may face a long war, and they have to prepare themselves for this possible situation, so they distribute attention and excitement during the days , or this is how their mind understands It is with its natural ability that science has proven, so it distributes preoccupations as it wishes, preserving the potential of its owner. If it is a duty to be concerned about what is happening to the people of Gaza, it is a duty to endure, or to do one's part, or that is the smallest part of it.

There are people who can no longer bear the waves of pain that overcome them when they see injured people whose lives cannot be saved after most of the hospitals have been destroyed or medicine has been stopped from them. and they see corpses of people lying in the streets and on the side of the roads, and they see houses destroyed, and ruins and ruins become heaps, or they see people crowding around food distributors Those that don't…enough for everyone, potentially on the brink of starvation. Such a person may become depressed because of what he hears and sees, so he is advised to stay away from following the war to maintain his psychological health.

desperate attempt

There are those who set the scene at a time when the resistance was winning, and promised that there would be victory in the end, and did not want what they had decided to be shaken or disturbed, and so they pursued urges or curiosity. To forgive may cause him to lose this feeling or this awareness that he had, and the door may be closed to him… Everything brings him back to questions, worries and panic.

Its passengers also include those who believe that the outcome of the war was decided on its first day, and that what is happening on the ground now is a foregone conclusion, and is little more than a desperate attempt by Tel Aviv to There is nothing to avenge the resistance for what was done to the Israeli army on October 7. And regardless of the level of brutality in the response, it will not change the real equation on the ground, in which victory is ultimately measured by the ability of either warring party to impose its political will.

This situation concerns not only supporters of the Palestinian issue and its resistance, but also applies to those who support Israel, especially in the West. Enthusiasm for the Israeli military is no longer what it used to be, and reliance on it has diminished at the official Western level, until we no longer hear language criticizing the continuation of the war, and we no longer hear others who supported it at its beginning. Didn't stop commenting.

Criticism and suggestions

But there is a big difference in both the cases. Israel understands that any indifference affecting the people with regard to the war is in its interest, because what troubled it most was this great interest, sent to it with criticism, rebuke and rebuke. By the protesters who crowded the streets of many European and American cities, and by the eyes that watch over the heinous acts they commit, and so the indifference, abandonment of follow-up, or indifference helps Tel Aviv do what it does Whatever he wants to do in the dark.

As far as the Palestinian resistance is concerned, he wants this interest to continue, because he is its supporter and supporter, gives it the supplies it so desperately needs, and at the same time puts pressure on the nerves of its opponent. , who feels that world opinion turning against them is a greater loss than they have ever experienced. With this pace, since the establishment of Israel in 1948.

If we leave aside insensitivity or indifference in all this, the persistence of concern and provocation over the aggression against Gaza is in all respects beneficial to the Palestinian cause, especially because its events are not the type of skirmishes or passing wars, but of conflict. Links in a long chain, which should not be left to those who are convinced of it and support it. Any chance to separate from him, to abandon him, so that he doesn't wake up to some tragedy one day.

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