Ethiopian soldiers accused of killing 50 civilians in Amhara region

Ethiopian troops killed more than 50 civilians last week during a house-to-house search after fighting a local armed group in a town in the Amhara region, witnesses told Reuters.

The killings in Merawi city appear to be one of the bloodiest incidents of the war that broke out between the army and the Fano armed group last July. The United Nations had said in its report last year that more than 200 people died in this war.

Spokespeople for the Ethiopian military, government and Amhara region administration have not yet responded to requests for comment on the alleged killings in Merawi city.

Three residents and a Fano fighter who took part in the fighting said the killings followed a clash between the army and an armed group last Monday.

All refused to reveal their identities for fear of retribution. Reuters was unable to verify their accounts from independent sources.

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