Diary from Gaza.. Dr. Nashwa sent a message to the world from Gaza

After all my days working in the clinic, attending conferences and growing every day of my ambition to succeed in my medical field, the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip came and destroyed everything that was beautiful.

I am pharmacist from Rafah, Khirbet al-Adas and skin and laser specialist, Nashwa Salah Ashour. I had a beauty clinic in Gaza, but it was destroyed after the Israeli occupation bombed it. Of course, the fatigue of the years went away.

Currently, I live in a tent for people displaced after the war and we have taken everything we own. Washing clothes with my own hands and baking bread has become my daily routine to stave off hunger and survive. “I distribute the help that reaches us through people who follow the clinic's page,” when I made it a means of communication to collect help.

Dr. Nashwa Salah Ashour tells Al Jazeera Net about situations that happened to her and that she finds impossible to forget, including the day her family's home was bombed and destroyed It was gone, and all the memories went with it.

He said: “The people of Gaza are among the finest people, and as young people we rejected the idea of ​​immigration to such an extent that we went to study abroad and returned to implement our ideas in our country “And despite the destruction, we will return to rebuild it.”

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