Ben Gvir renews call to displace Gaza residents and sparks storm of criticism in Israel

Israeli Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir once again called for encouraging Gaza Strip residents to “voluntarily migrate” and giving them financial incentives to do so. He attacked the administration of US President Joe Biden, accusing it of hindering Israel's war efforts. Due to which a storm of criticism arose in Israel.

Ben Gvir said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that Biden, “instead of providing full support to us, is providing humanitarian aid and fuel to Gaza, and that goes to Hamas,” and he believed that American behavior was completely inappropriate. Will be different in some way. Former President Donald Trump was in office.

The US newspaper quoted the far-right minister as saying he had a plan aimed at “encouraging Gaza residents to voluntarily migrate to other countries around the world” by providing financial incentives, and Ben Gvir said that This is the real human effort that must be made.

Ben Gvir proposed organizing a global conference to help Israel find countries willing to receive Palestinian refugees.

He also said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now at a crossroads, and must choose the path he will take.

sharp criticism

Ben Gvir's statements drew dissent and sharp criticism, as Israeli War Council member Benny Gantz called them irresponsible and said that Netanyahu should order Ben Gvir to stop harming Israel's foreign relations.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid also considered this as evidence that Netanyahu does not control the extremists in his government.

Lapid said, “Ben Gvir has proved that he understands nothing in foreign policy, and Netanyahu has no control over the extremists in his government,” and stressed that “Ben Gvir's statements are a blow to Israel's international “It is a direct attack on the situation and harms its security.” ,

In turn, Knesset member Naor Shiri of the Lapid-led “There is a Future” party said, “Ben Gvir was not satisfied with the huge damage caused to internal security, and now he is causing international political damage to Israel,” According to what the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported.

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