Animation Therapy…a Jordanian film that psychologically supports children victims of war

Jordanian director Cynthia Madanat recently released the film “Salim”, the story of a 9-year-old boy who after losing his father in the war has nightmares that disturb his sleep and force him to live elsewhere. Is forced to.

The film attempts to psychologically understand the child's thoughts and what is going on in his mind, as well as… in animation treating children affected by war,

Madanat, his team and the film's producer, Shadi Al-Shariah, succeeded in realizing the idea of ​​the work, which participated in 11 international festivals, especially “Annecy” in France, which is one of the most important animation festivals. In this world.

The director says the idea for the film “came 5 years ago, before the war on the Gaza Strip (which began on October 7, 2023), and it addresses the issue of the health of children exposed to psychological trauma. Are.” ,

He added, “Throughout our work, we relied on the opinions of experts in the field…to tell the story of a 9-year-old boy named Salim, who lost his father during a war. He Lives with dreams.” This tragedy resulted in his sleep being disturbed, as he experienced difficult memories during the war period.”

The director further added, “Before making the film we tried to focus on a psychological understanding of what is going on in the thoughts of healthy aged children and we faced many challenges in making it in its final form “

He explained, “Foremost among these challenges was the way in which we wanted to articulate the problem and the solution at the same time. This balance created some difficulties for us, but thank God we were able to overcome them.” Were.”

Madanat explained that “the film is a family one and is suitable for all ages, but most suitable is the group between 6 and 14 years.”

As far as the characters in the work are concerned, there are “14”, of which 9 are the main ones, including Salim, his mother, his brothers Nour and Saeed, his grandmother, his friends Fares, Zeina and Aboud, the psychological counselor and uncle Abu. Duraid is included. ,

He further added, “The environment the film simulates is the Levant, and it reflects the mix of its cultures, but the dialect used is closer to Jordanian.”

She stressed that she wants people who watch the film and who have gone through difficult situations to experience Salim's emotions. “We wanted to revive hope in the hearts of children, and we don't want to take them back to those painful times.” Lived through. This film is a drop in the ocean of pain, sorrow and suffering that the children of Gaza are experiencing, but I hope it gives “a ray of hope for the survivors for a brighter future”.

urgent psychological message

For his part, “Saleem” producer Shadi Al-Shariah explained that the film was announced “to coincide with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, to reaffirm the idea for which it was created, and for which it was produced The goal was to convey a psychological message through the film.”

“The film is being shown at international festivals from June 2023, and has been nominated for several awards, the most important of which is the Annecy Animation Festival in France, the most important animation festival in the world,” Al-Shariah said. . ,

He added, “In the same month, it won an award as Best Soundtrack at the Cartoons on the Bee Festival in Italy, in addition to winning the Audience Award from the Jordanian Children's Festival last November.”

Situation of devastation in Gaza

Regarding the possibility of the film presenting details on what is happening in Gaza, Al-Shariaha concluded, “The extent of the destruction in Gaza requires two thousand healthy people so that the children of the Palestinian strip who Had to face something, so we can deal with it.” Referring to the extent of the casualties and its psychological impact on her children.

It is noteworthy that since last October 7, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war on Gaza, in which, according to Palestinian officials, till Saturday, 27,238 were martyred and 66,452 were injured, mostly children and women, and caused massive destruction. And according to the United Nations, an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.

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