Analyst: No one wants to overthrow the government of Netanyahu and Ben Gvir, Washington's problem


Disagreements and conflicts are worsening within government circles in Israel over the status of a prisoner exchange agreement with the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip. Will Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's extremist allies succeed in blocking the deal?

According to Dr. Muhannad Mustafa, an academic and expert on Israeli affairs, Netanyahu is facing a real dilemma. If he accepts the exchange deal with the Palestinian resistance, it would mean the overthrow of his government, as his extremist allies would withdraw. Especially Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, and if he opposes it, the ministers will withdraw. Benny Gantz at the Israeli War Council.

But what is happening – as experts say – is that everyone has the same interests in the Netanyahu government, and they do not want to overthrow this government because they know that it will help achieve the ideological goals of the extreme right in Israel. It is a historic occasion. ,

Ben Gvir's quotes

Regarding Ben Gvir's statements in which he attacked the administration of US President Joe Biden, William Lawrence – a former US State Department official – acknowledged that Ben Gvir is a problem for US foreign policy, and has long been a problem for Washington. Smotrich is disappointed with them, but Netanyahu has not taken action regarding them. He described Ben Gvir and Smotrich as the worst faces of Israeli policy.

Extremist Israeli MPs Itamar Ben Gvir (left) and Bezalel Smotrich (Reuters)

Lawrence wrote “Gaza…What's Next?” In his interview with the program, American support for Israel has moved from the left to the Zionists and the hard right like Ben Gvir and others over the past decades. He said that Netanyahu's situation with former US President Barack Obama is also in the same context, where he stood against him and addressed Congress behind his back.

The former US State Department official acknowledged that Ben Gvir's statements about the United States are a disaster for US foreign policy and its reputation in the world, and called on US ambassadors to dialogue with the Israeli opposition, saying that His country is ready to deal with it. Whatever government comes after Netanyahu's government.

Ben Gvir said – in an interview with The Wall Street Journal – that Biden, “instead of providing full support to us, is providing humanitarian aid and fuel to Gaza, and that goes to Hamas,” and he believed that the U.S. The behavior would be completely different if former President Donald Trump were in office.

On the other hand, the former US official believed that Washington should steer clear of the settlers, many of whom are US citizens who have obtained Israeli citizenship, and that it should end the war on the Gaza Strip.

Academics and experts on Israeli affairs confirm that Israeli elites believe that Ben Gvir is worsening Israeli-American relations, especially since Washington provides major support to Tel Aviv in the war on the Gaza Strip. Does.

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