A Gaza doctor tells the story of his 45-day detention under occupation

A Palestinian doctor said that Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip attacked a hospital where he worked, detained him, and abused him for 45 days, including depriving him of sleep, constantly chaining him And that included blindfolding him before his release last week.

Last December, when Dr. Saeed Abdel Rahman Maarouf was working at the Arab National Hospital in Gaza City, he was surrounded by occupation forces.

The occupying forces handcuffed Dr. Maarouf's hands and feet and blindfolded him during his imprisonment for approximately 7 weeks.

Maroof recalled his suffering and that of the detainees in the occupied detention centers. He says his jailers ordered him to sleep on gravel-covered surfaces, without a mattress, pillow or cover, amid loud music, “as if it were a party.”

“The torture in Israeli prisons was very, very, very severe. I am a doctor and my weight was 87 kilograms. In 45 days, my weight lost more than 25 kilograms,” Maroof said in a pained voice.

I “lost balance, I lost focus, I lost all my emotions. We were shackled for 45 days, we were handcuffed for 45 days.” In his attempt to describe prison conditions and what he was exposed to, Maarouf says, “How do you describe torture and humiliation inside prisons? Only those who have lived it will reach the truth. “

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The doctor, who had spent all his time in the hospital since the beginning of the aggression against Gaza, “was unable to determine his place of detention because he was blindfolded the whole time, and did not know that he was being held in Gaza.” Was detained inside or outside.” ” Upon their release, the Red Cross transferred them to the Kerem Shalom crossing, where it was taken down.

Since Dr. Maarouf's arrest, he has not heard any news from his family, and he does not know whether he survived the occupation troops' incursion into Gaza City under intense artillery bombardment.

****Internal Affairs**** Press coverage: Tortures in occupied prisons...Horrifying testimony from prisoners freed from Gaza.  Al-Quds News Network Twitter
The Doctor is known after his release (media)

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Maroof held back tears while talking about the last phone call to his daughter, when the occupation soldiers called on loudspeakers for all doctors and medical staff to leave the hospital.

His family was at the family home in Gaza City, along with his other children, his wife, and about 15 to 20 relatives.

He said, “When the soldier was calling over the loudspeaker that doctors and medical personnel should leave the hospital, my daughter called me and said, 'Dad, the bombing has reached the place. What should we do?'. My It's a daughter.” not alone. There are 5 children with their mother, with their aunt, with their aunt's husband, that means in the house.” At least 20 or more than 25 people. I said to her like this: “My daughter, if I tell you to go out Go and God forbid whatever fate befalls me, I will have to endure a kind of psychological torture, and if I tell you to stay and whatever fate befalls me, that will be the same… Commit your case to God.” If you want to go out – Dad – then go out, if you want to stay, stay, and I'm in the same ditch with you. “I will leave now with the soldier and I don't know what will happen to me.”

“From that moment until today, I have not heard from, nor have I received any information about, my children or my wife.”

Occupation troops deliberately humiliated and mistreated Gaza Strip prisoners (Reuters)

Families in Gaza were dispersed due to the destruction and loss of communications. Access to many areas became difficult, and family members lost the ability to communicate with each other, disrupting most communication networks.

Maarouf believes he was one of hundreds of prisoners held in one place, and “every one of us wished death and could not get away. He wished death because of the severity of the torture.”

He said, “I am a pediatrician and have been working in this field for 23 years. I have not committed any humanitarian crime. My weapons are my pen, notebook and stethoscope. I do not leave the place and I continue to treat children.” Had been.” In hospitals.”

“When the commander called us to take us to the place of the tanks, or to the place of surrender ourselves my feeling was that I thought I would stay with them for a few hours and leave the place, and my second feeling was That if they took me and some colleagues, they would treat us well because we are doctors.”

Ma'ruf returned to Gaza and hung the stethoscope around his neck to resume his work treating children, and the sounds of children crying and the worried whispers of parents around them returned.

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