Zionist media and incitement against Al-Azhar and its Sheikh

Since the events of the “al-Aqsa flood”, the status of al-Azhar al-Sharif – as an institution and as a sheikh – has been a respectable one, which is respected by the people of Palestine in general and the people of Gaza in particular. supports. His heart is resistant. These posts greatly irritated Israeli politicians and their media, and their attacks and provocations have been repeated since the beginning of the events. Anyone who watches the speech by Al-Azhar and its sheikh will find it to be a speech that is in keeping with the ongoing disasters. In Gaza.

Recently, the Al Jazeera Mubasher website and channel published details of Israeli Channel 12's attack on Al-Azhar and its Sheikh, as well as Al-Azhar's curriculum vitae. Israeli politicians had previously called for pressure to be put on the sheikh of al-Azhar to silence him. , or replace it, which raises several questions here:

Did Al-Azhar change and the tone of Zionists against it and its methods also change? Is the problem with the Al-Azhari curriculum, as the Zionists claim? What did Al-Azhar and its sheikhs do that upset them? What are the factors that strengthen the position of al-Azhar and its sheikhs?

It is clear from the speech of the Zionists that they want to say clearly: Islamic discourse and authentic Islamic viewpoints are in conflict with Zionist interests, as the occupying forces, and this is the position of Islam in relation to any occupation, No matter what its type is. Gender, or religion.

Has Al-Azhar changed?

Anyone who follows the Zionist media and policy attack on al-Azhar and its sheikhs thinks that al-Azhar has changed, or has changed its methods, style, and speech, and this is completely This is false, because Al-Azhar's position is firm on national issues.

Anyone who watches Al-Azhar's speeches from centuries ago will find that its position on these issues remains the same. What has changed from time to time is the position of some of its Sheikhs, toning down its tone, or remaining silent under pressure, which is not the case with its current Sheikh, who has been surrounded by the media in a manner unprecedented in the country's history. have taken. Sheikhdom, to the extent that the regime's media personnel dared to attack it, Sheikhdom and Al-Azhar course, without providing the right of response guaranteed by the media through all means.

What has changed now is the silence of most Islamic religious institutions in the Arab and Islamic world, and whoever spoke among them spoke within the limits set for him by the policy of his state and its system. This change in performance has made Al-Azhar appear to be acting alone, but the truth is that Al-Azhar is firm on its position, and remains steadfast. on its message and methodology, as do other scholars and independent bodies who express the Islamic position.

The curriculum of Islam or Al-Azhar?

The most important question here: Is this the view of al-Azhar, or the view of Islam? The problem here is not with Al-Azhar, as the position itself is an established and consistent position with respect to Islamic schools of all ages and their various intellectual and juridical stripes.

Whoever returns to the ancient universities and schools such as: Al-Zaytouna in Tunisia, Al-Qarawiyyin in Morocco, and the rest of the scientific incubators of the Arab and Islamic world, if he has left them the true expression of his position and methodology, Al- There will not be even an iota of difference from Azhar's situation.

It is clear from the speech of the Zionists that they want to say clearly: Islamic discourse and authentic Islamic viewpoints are in conflict with Zionist interests, as the occupying forces, and this is the position of Islam in relation to any occupation, No matter what its type is. Gender, or religion.

Colonialism at all times tried to create a twisted, distorted version of Islam that accepted the legitimacy of occupation and eliminated the obligation of jihad and resistance to the occupier. This is what happened with the British occupation in India, expelling sects like Qadianis and others and in other forms in other countries.

Stability factors in the situation of al-Azhar

There is no doubt that there are many factors that contribute to Al-Azhar's persistence – as an institution and as a sheikh – in this strong position towards the Palestinian cause and the issues of the nation. Perhaps the most important of them, our approach is the following:

Al-Azhari legacy

One of the first factors: the authentic al-Azhar heritage, which some people fall back on whenever – under pressure – they try to break away from it. Al-Azhar and its history is not known for abandoning the issues of the nation, even if it sometimes goes through years of weakness, but its position on issues of the Islamic world has remained stable, as it was originally its It is a proprietary organization. The nation has no power.

The relationship of power with them was limited administrative, and in the most serious cases of military atrocities during the Abdel Nasser era, they gave al-Azhar the freedom to express its position on the country's issues, without interfering in internal matters.

Sheikh al-Tayeb drew on this legacy to get out of the sanctions imposed on the organization regarding the current issue of Gaza and Palestine.

In addition to his strong statements keeping pace with events and holding every individual in the country accountable, we see him aided by a hard-working scientific team, whether at the Academy of Islamic Research, at the heritage revival office at Al-Azhar, or Be in others. Institutions – These scientific bodies have an undeniable role in research and exploration on the heritage of Al-Azhar in this regard. Issues, including: What was released at the Cairo International Book Fair, from a series of books titled: Al-Azhar's Position on the Palestinian Issue, in several parts – old research by Al-Azhar and its scholars on Palestine and The articles were collected because the issue is not new, and the aggression persists, but what is new is building on this vast al-Azhari legacy.

Last place of residence of the nation

Al-Azhar and its sheikhs feel that they are the last option – after Almighty God – to take the proper Islamic position in such major crises, and despite limited capabilities, but given the general weakness and authoritarian control over religious institutions in the Islamic world. Al-Azhar has retained its status with the nation, and its reputation among ruling regimes, as expressed by former Egyptian President Mohamed Naguib in his memoirs, when he said: Whoever Egypt's regime wants to be beholden to two institutions: the army and al-Azhar.

prestige of office

This sense of the value and stature of Al-Azhar, among the nation, makes the Sheikhdom – an institution and the Sheikh – realize this responsibility, and it is filled with the prestige and prestige of the position among the nation. Among the authorities, and among the enemies of the nation. All these emotions increase the degree of feeling responsibility and performing religious duty towards the issues. The nation in general, and the issue of Gaza and Palestine in particular.

The provocations and attacks of the Zionist media increase the value and stature of the institution and the position and viewpoint of the sheikh and his adherence to the role expected of him.

One day this occupation will end, and it will disappear. This was expressed by the great Imam al-Tayyib in a strong statement, which angered the Zionists and their media. This is a statement that clearly indicates that it was put forth in the Imam's mind, and therefore he is not crying foul – nor is the institution – over satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Zionist, or others, and this is a sentence that indicates the small size of the occupation in his eyes and the greatness and value the nation has in his eyes, and so he fears his Lord and his God only.

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