The occupation prevents people trapped in the Al-Shifa complex from obtaining food and water

A child suffering from kidney failure said she was dehydrated; The siege imposed by the occupation forces in and around Al-Shifa Medical Complex for almost a week resulted in the loss of water.

Thousands of displaced people trapped inside the hospital could not get food or drink for 5 days and when they tried to leave, the occupation forces opened fire on them.

Al Jazeera reported images of displaced people trying to escape in search of water and food, while the sounds of planes and gunfire filled the space and surrounded them from every direction.

One of the women trapped inside the hospital said they were suffering from shortage of medicines and were not getting food or drink. One of the trapped women described the situation as “hell”.

He told Al Jazeera that they were living under bombardment, expressing surprise at the inability of Arab leaders to resolve the crisis.

One of the besieged appealed to the “free people of the world” and human rights organizations to intervene, saying they simply wanted to live.

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